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Outside/Supply Area
Mining outpost east.png
Mining Station
Obvious exits: Depends on location, almost every direction out to space or the Mining Shuttle back to the Station
Purpose: To mine precious plasma and other minerals
Access level: Mining Station
Noteworthy contents: Three mining spacesuits and other mining equipment
Clearance: Captain, Head of Personnel, Quartermaster, Shaft Miner
"Then there was the whole concept of coal plasma mining, which is a culture unto itself, the most dangerous occupation in the world, and which draws and develops a certain kind of man."
Mapping notes
Security level: None
Style: Derelict satellite
Balance Requirements: No major balance requirements
Other: --
Mining Shuttle
Mining Production Area
Mining E.V.A.
Mining Living Quarters

The asteroid will be the primary workplace for Shaft Miners.

The largest and best established base on the asteroid, the mining station spans the fracture through the asteroid, and is roughly split into living quarters and ore processing/EVA. Most doors require Mining access. Mining Station access is required for external airlocks and EVA.

The eastern and northern outposts both have ore pipelines that lead back to the main ore processing area. The disposals unit lead to a 3x3 tile airless cavern that is impossible to escape without mining or teleportation equipment.

As the mining asteroid exists on a different Z-level from the station, it is often used as a place of exile for Heads of Staff and Head Revolutionaries. It is also spared annihilation in case of a nuclear explosion or self-destruct.

Mining station is also often a hive of scum and villainy.



This is the lifeline between the main station and the asteroid. It's the only reliable way to get between the station and the mining asteroid. Contains a crate, for processed minerals. Also contains an ore crate, which you will probably want to unload.

Production Area

This is where most of the action occurs. This room contains an ore sorter, a furnace, and a stacking machine, as well as the consoles for their operation.


Contents (for those of you who can't count):

  • 3 full mining (ZIS) hardsuits (suit, helmet, mask).
  • A pickaxe.
  • A mining satchel, for collecting ore.
  • A mechanical toolbox.
  • A tank dispenser, which has 10 pure O2 tanks ready for use.
  • A fuel tank to recharge jackhammers.
  • 2 ore boxes in the airlock.
  • GPS devices for when you die so telescience can retrieve you.

Living Quarters

This little complex serves as the combined kitchen, dormitory, and bar for the outpost. Apart from the vending machines, the only source of food readily available is a box of donk pockets and the microwave. If you're feeling particularly ambitious, you could ask cargo or botany to ship you some additional foodstuffs. The living quarters also have a single toilet, which doubles as a disposal chute. The three bedrooms have classy mining-brown bedsheets. Enjoy the scenery.

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