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Generic nukesyndie.png
Nuclear Agent
Access: Any place an e-mag or a block of C4 will open
Difficulty: Very Hard
Supervisors: The Syndicate
Duties: Get the nuclear disk, set the crew up the bomb. Ha ha ha.
Guides: This is the guide

Nuke.gifYou have chosen, or been chosen to be one of the few, the strong, the Elite A-Team. Your Mission, whether or not you choose to accept it will be to destroy the most advanced research facility of the enemy of this corporation! That's right, you are going to Space Station 13.



Your Objectives

  • 1. Retrieve the Nuclear Authentication DiskNuclearDisk.gif
  • 2. Arm the Nuclear Fission Explosive inside Space Station 13Nuke.gif
  • 3. Escape alive on the Syndicate Shuttle

But First, You Must Learn How to Crawl

Before you start your assault, you must equip and prepare yourself. Take the time to discuss strategy with your squad mates. The check list is as follows: Nuke Code, Space suit locker, Equipment locker, ordering items. Once you have done this, you will proceed.

That Damn Code

The very first thing you should do is memorize the Nuke Code! This changes every time the syndicate agents are created on their shuttle. How to make sure you memorize it is simple. Simply type Add-Note followed by the code in the chat bar (without having say before it). Now, you are ready to Equip!

By Order of The King

Now that you have the code memorized, you can now spend your personal telecrystals your Syndicate commanders graciously provided to you. Each operative spawns with a personal syndicate uplink radio with 10 Telecrystals pre loaded. STOP! Before you waste your crystals on a balloon, take note of the computer terminals in front of you. Once you insert your uplink into it these new devices allow for your team leader to assign you additional Telecrystals or for you to donate your own Telecrystals to a common pool for your leader to draw upon. Buy why would you give away your crystals? The team leader has access to a second pool of crystals that scales with the servers population, for ever 10 people he is given 5 Telecrystals. Giving your crystals to your team leader will allow him to save up and buy some very expensive and powerful goodies, like a freaking assault mech! Once your team have bought the items essential to your plan you can now selfishly buy what you will need for the mission, however you need to pause and think hard. What Syndicate Items will you need? Which will cause a huge backlash if used against your team? Now, think what everyone else will likely need. The problem with the agent ID is the access -- you have very little, but an emag or a powersink will change that in a moment. You do not have an ID or a position at the station, so don't worry about people finding the emagged doors. Everyone on the team should have one. Voice changers are wonderful if you are trying to sneak in, as are chameleon jumpsuits. Bombs are great, in the right hands. Energy crossbows make excellent side arms. Energy swords, especially if you make double-bladed eswords, are good for blocking. Finally, the power sink is a tactical item used by agents for generations, with the side effect of making emags useless and the need for a crowbar paramount.

Bread and Butter

A quick and dirty list of the common weapons employed by Syndicate Operatives in the field.

  • Stetchkin.png Stetchkin Pistol - Standard Issue sidearm. 8 Rounds, 25 brute per shot. Free.
  • C20r.png C20r SMG - Close Combat SMG. 20 rounds, 20 brute per shot/instant knockdown. 8 telecrystals.
  • L6machinegun.png L6 SAW - Light Machinegun. 50 rounds, 60 brute per shot. 20 telecrystals
  • Energy Gun.gif Energy Gun - NanoTrasen compatible Energy Rifle. 10 charges, 20 stun/brute per shot. Free (Only 3 on ship)
  • Sword.gif Energy Sword - Close Combat Energy Sword. 30 brute per hit. When double-bladed, can block taser shots. 4 telecrystals (Only use if double-bladed or robust in melee.)

The Last Suit You'll Ever Wear

Syndicate Shuttle
The Syndicate Shuttle. Requires an Agent Card to use.

You must now equip yourself for space travel so you can invade the station. First, get out of your armor and put on the red space suit, though you may decide to keep your SWAT helmet on as it is space proof and more protective, but it won't protect you against Flashbangs, your choice. Second, Take your backpack off (you drag it onto your hand). Third, Place your internals on, using the jet pack as an oxygen tank, and placing the jet pack on your back. Fourth, take the military belt from the locker and move any items you will be taking into it, it will be easier on you if you don't need to carry your backpack onto the station so try and cram everything you can into the belt. Fifth pick out your syndicate agent card ID's disguise (or wait till you get to the station). Once you are space ready, and your internals are running from your jetpack and into your lungs. Look into the teleport room, and pick up a pair of Nightvision goggles if you have not already bought a pair of thermals, this is double important if you plan on using a Power Sink. Do not mess with the bombs' devices unless you are already advanced at bomb handling.

You are now completely outfitted, check the inside of your backpack/military belt and throw out what you will not use, this will be handy for the next stage of equipping yourself. Equipping yourself, with weapons.

This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

In this next step, pick out what you need from the gun and equipment locker as well as your syndicate uplink. You are issued with a standard issue Stetchkin pistol side arm, it hold 8 rounds and you are given two additional magazines. It deals around 25 brute damage per hit. This is a poor primary weapon to use due to its low ammo count and slow rate of fire but it can be useful in a pinch. In the locker room are three Energy Guns that can make execellent Primary Weapons but they suffer from only have 10 shots before needing a recharge, and you are unlikely to get a chance to recharge them. You will need to spend some Telecrystals on buying a better weapon, a Scarborough Arms C20R SMG is considered a staple of the Nuke Op inventory, it hold 20 rounds per magazine and deals instant knockdown on most targets (Unless the Captain decided to wear his SWAT helmet for once) however this weapon suffers from costing 8 crystals and you have to buy the additional ammo as well at 2 crystals a piece which can add up quickly if everyone wants an SMG. There is also a 20 crystal LMG that is extremely powerful dealing a whooping 60 brute per hit and holding 50 rounds! Though if you drop it prepare to be royally screwed by that assistant, however the pinpointers are the most important item in the locker room, they point to the nuclear authorization disk, which you MUST HAVE at all costs (in order to detonate the nuke). Every member of the team should always have one of these on them. The military PDA is very handy if you want to escape after you set the nuke (and I know you do), make sure you assign the PDA to someone who has the least chance of dying and won't fuck off into space.

Pinpointer.gifDon't forget to take a pinpointer with you. This device, once turned on, will act as a compass directing you straight to your primary target: The nuclear authentication disk.

Now, you have your equipment, tools, and toys. But the trouble is just getting started as you strike the heart of the wild.

The Assault on Space Station 13

You are equipped and armed with the best, but what matters is the will to win, and the thirst for blood. Couple that with wisdom, and a large helping of know how, and you have a chance. But what makes the syndicate agent successful isn't their red suit, or revolver, it is their team.

Actually getting there

The syndicate shuttle is NOT in proximity of the station when the nuke team is first sent out. One of the Nuclear agents must use the control computer to move the shuttle into close proximity to the station.

Next, you must use the blast doors to exit the shuttle. Only a PDA with a detomatrix cartridge can open these doors remotely. The syndicates start with one PDA that has this, this is a very important item, do not let the enemy get their hands on this.

Do not worry too much about the crew metagaming their way onto your ship early in the round, the spot the ship appears in is randomized in five different spots chosen by an agent from a list of several locations around the station. But they still may bumble onto the shuttle.

Roger Wilco, This is Charlie OVER

You have a special head set frequency, set in an encrypted wave length. This is how you will, and must communicate with your team. Communicate pass words, safe words, the nuclear code, and attack plans on this channel early, there is no telling who might get the head set later.

Making code named strikes with your nuke team will be the most effective way to deal with the crew, but it is difficult to get them to listen.

Safe words can be said if you see a fellow red suit but are in disguise. Example, "Know Wait!". Something simple. Keep it simple, fast, and easy to say. The phonetic alphabet can also be useful for this. Don't know what this is? Alpha - A, Bravo - B, Charlie - C and so on.

Passwords are only useful if you have a door guard in the shuttle, or some one with the Military PDA. Make it as you want, said over the syndicate frequency.


All of your fellow agents will have a big red S by their head, so you know not to attack them while in disguise. Be very careful when you see this S, as you don't want to kill your fellow agents on accident.


You need this disk, but as it could be guarded by the Captain, Head of Security, Clown, or the Head of Personnel... you best go in without second thoughts or distractions. Even a lure and false positive to get the disk holder to where you want them will be effective.

One method includes blowing up the wall the disk holder has their back to. With a modified syndicate bomb, you can blast that wall down and seriously wound the disk carrier.

Another requires team work, have one agent cause trouble in one spot (some place secure, like the brig), this will cause the disk holder to flee some place else secure. A place you will have your team staking out and ready to strike.

The disk's whereabouts can be located using a Pinpointer, assuming you aren't a chucklefuck and remembered to take one with you. Do not destroy the disk, it makes your life harder.

You Have No Chance to Survive, Make Your Time

Once you get the disk, you need to rush back to the shuttle, make sure your team knows you got the disk, and to defend the shuttle and throw off anyone chasing you. There will be the nuke, now follow these guidelines in order:

  • Click it with your open hand.
  • Place the Nuke disk into the slot.
  • Punch in the nuke code, hit enter.
  • Set the time.
  • Set it to Armed.
  • Disengage the anchor.
  • Have it timing as you run off with the thing (if you die it will still go off).
  • Place the nuke anywhere you want on the station.
  • Anchor it.
  • Take the Nuke Disk out.
  • Either Guard the disk, space the disk, or something to throw off the crew's pin pointer.
  • Get back to your shuttle.
  • If any other nuke agents are alive, give them a moment to get to the shuttle.
  • Once you and your buddies are loaded in the shuttle, get out of there.


  • Subvert or destroy the AI first. It can give you away.
  • Genetics being online means your victims can get back up to accuse or simply robust you in revenge. You will never be cloned from the goodness of someone's heart. Take it out.
  • Voice-changers are no good if everyone can see you wearing the gas mask when you shouldn't have one.
  • Make sure the shuttle can't be called and then you can't technically lose!
  • Always keep in communication with your team. Having backup and knowledge of what's happening from both the syndicate and loyal station fronts goes a long way towards an easy victory and far outweighs the damage someone who stole a syndicate headset can do.
  • Installing a power sink on the station is a popular strategy. Make sure you bring night-vision goggles!
  • Taking out telecommunications is a good way to ensure the crew remains confused and disorganized
  • There is a teleporter available in the syndicate shuttle. Should you spend the 20 telecrystals needed to finish it, it can create an excellent entry point within the station.
  • Ignore the nuke in the vault on the station. It has a completely different code, and without an admin checking the var and giving it to you, it would take you days to guess it.
  • For the love of fuck do not mistake a Science Disk for the Nuke Disk, sciences disks are Yellow and Nuke Disks are Green.

Mission Debriefing

  • If the Shuttle leaves with the Disk on board, the Crew wins a Major Victory.
  • If the Shuttle leaves with the Disk still anywhere on the station, the Syndicates win a Minor Victory.
  • If the Bomb detonates in the station successfully and the syndicate shuttle escapes, the Syndicate wins a Major Victory.
  • If the Bomb detonates in the station successfully but no syndicates manage to escape, no-one wins.
  • If the Bomb detonates, but not on the Station Z Level, the Crew wins a Minor Victory.

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