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This is a table of some common, or just robust, things. This is not a list of how much damage each item does, just the best items and short notes on how to use them best. If you feel something should be added, please go ahead and do so, if it's robust enough. This is in alphabetical order:

Melee weapons

Icon Item Damage Notes
Brokenbottle.png Broken Bottle 15 Brute Has to be broken first, to break simply change intent to harm then smash it against someone; by aiming for the head you will also knock them down if they are not wearing protective head gear. Smashing it spills its contents over the target so you could use it as a chemist to knock out your opponent, by filling it with chloral, and then beat them to death with it. Another reason why traitor Chemist is so great.
Butcherknife.png Butcher's Knife 15 Brute Somewhat hard to get. You have to hack the Dinnerware vending machine. Security will likely have their suspicions as the only reason to have this over the normal knife is its robusting power. Works as a ghetto circular saw in surgery.
Saw.png Circular Saw 15 Brute One of the most robust things you can find. Sadly they are rather uncommon and departments like to hang onto theirs, and security likes to take them.
Cultblade.png Cult Blade 30 Brute Those who aren't Cultist suffer from wielding this blade...MENTALLY. Aside from being very robust, it is really Cult exclusive. Expect a wave of batons when Security sees you holding this.
Energy Axe.gif Energy Axe 40 Brute Off
150 Brute On
The fabled energy axe is a weapon to be feared by all. Only created by the most fickle and insane of gods, this weapon is capable of terrorizing a station in just a few minutes. If you see someone with this, hope that they aren't trying to kill you and if they are, don't think you're going to survive more than a second because this thing puts someone into near-death instantly.
Sword.gif Energy Sword 3 Brute Off
30 Brute On
Despite being very strong in melee combat, its activation is loud, very obvious to those around you, and not viable unless you are a traitor. However, it can sometimes deflect laser and stun shots back the way they came! Use a multitool on one to turn on RAINBOW MODE (permanently). TURN IT ON BEFORE YOU USE IT
DualSaber.gif Dual Saber 3 Brute Off
34 Brute On
Has to be held with two hands while on. While not much stronger in terms of damage compared to the Energy Sword, when wielded it gives a guaranteed chance to deflect lasers and stun shots back to their shooter. Like the Energy sword, its activation is very loud. To create this, you must combine two Energy Swords together of any color (hold one in each hand and click the other sword) or receive it in a Syndicate Bundle. You cannot put two holodeck swords together. Use a multitool on one to turn on RAINBOW MODE (permanently). TURN IT ON BEFORE YOU USE IT
Extinguisher.png Fire Extinguisher 10 Brute Found across the station so they're aren't in short supply. Unlikely to be taken by security if they search you. They are also very useful if you get spaced, spray in opposite direction of where you want to go, and you'll fly away. With a limit of 50 units, that's 10 squirts using 5 per spray.
Fireaxe.png Fire Axe 5 Onehand
24 Twohand
Most robust thing you can get from the Station. Has to be held with two hands to be used properly. Security will likely take it and it's a large object. Best to store this on your back. They are also rare, one is in Atmos and the other is in the Bridge, good luck breaking in before it gets taken.
Hatchet.png Hatchet 12 Brute Botanists use these to chop wood, they also are good at chopping limbs. Easy to conceal, and if you're a Botanist, security probably won't care if you're carrying one. Throwing it at someone deals 15 damage. Bonus points for finishing off an escaping enemy this way, Navajo-style. Works as a ghetto circular saw in surgery.
Knife.png Kitchen Knife 10 Brute Useful if you're the Chef, as Security are unlikely to give a single shit if they see you with it. There's still a better knife, but this one is easier to get to. Works as a ghetto scalpel in surgery.
Nullrod.png Null Rod 15 Brute Similar to the Circular Saw, but there's only of them, and the Chaplain tends to keep it on him. It can destroy runes, and the Chaplain cannot be converted while holding it. Can be stored in the suit storage of any of the Chaplains outfits.
Pickaxe.png Pickaxe 15 Brute Again, very robust, but it's very big, yet your jumpsuit's belt can hold it. Miners will likely trade this for other things, such as a tool belt, or insulated gloves. Since it is seen mostly on miners, security will be quick to blame them when they find a bloody pickaxe next to what was the HoP.
Scalpel.png Scalpel 10 Brute Despite being not as good at the saw, this is still quite robust. Best part is you can have it your pocket and if you have access to this (not counting autolathe produced scalpels) security wouldn't care, unless it's covered in blood, of course. But even then they might assume you're just a bad doctor.
Shard.png Glass Shard 5 Brute Extremely easy to obtain, just break a glass/reinforced glass pane. Works as a ghetto scalpel as well.
StunBaton.gif Stun Baton 10 Brute Very robust if you know how to use it properly. Only heads of staff and the security force can get these easily.
Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver 5 Brute Its robustness doesn't come from the damage, but from its thin, pointed edge. Anyone not wearing glasses can have their eyes stabbed out causing them lose sight. Doesn't make them mute so they'll still scream, or might even fight back before you have a chance to blind them enough.
Drill.png Surgical Drill 15 Brute Only found in Surgery. Unfortunately, debate is ongoing whether it can be used to stick cyborg limbs onto people or not. You can probably think of a few other uses for it, though.
BlueToolbox.png Toolbox 10 Brute Rather common. Althought it deals a moderate amount of damage, it's a bulky item, so you'll have to hold it.

Guns and Lasers

Although often hard to get, these can put you at a huge advantage. Not just from being outside melee range, but also by shooting through windows and destroying walls. Guns rely on a stock of ammo, and those are hard to get, while energy guns use recharging units or just recharge by themselves.

Icon Item Ammo Capacity Damage & Effects Notes
Advegun.png Advanced Energy Gun Powercell.png Energy 10 (recharges over time) 20 Burn/Stun target Using advanced wizardry SCIENCE, a mini nuclear generator has been fitted into this gun to provide unlimited shots! Researched from R&D. Cannot be used in recharging units.
Antique laser.png Antique Laser Gun Recharger.gif Energy 10 (recharges over time) 20 Burn The prized weapon of the Captain, and the target of many enemy forces. Similar to the laser gun except it's recharged all by itself. They just don't make guns like they used to.
C20r.png C20r SMG 12mmMag.png 12mm 20 Rounds 20 Brute + Knockdown Can only be found in Nuke rounds, or with Summon guns. It knocks the target down, similar to the detective's revolver, except chances are if you go down, you're not getting back up.
Combatshotgun.png Combat Shotgun Shotgunshells.png 12 Gauge Shells 8 Shells 60 Brute with slugs
10 Brute + Knockdown with beanbag
Nothing with blank
Stuns target with stun
5 Toxin with dart
The highest ammo capacity of any shotgun. Best of all, you can load shells in a sequence, for example - Beanbag, Slug, Beanbag, Slug etc., for more effective combat. Found in ballistic crates and from Summon guns.
Deagle.gif Desert Eagle Ammo 50.png .50 7 Rounds 60 Brute Comes in three tasteful variants. Normal, gold and camo gold. Used to be possessed by Nuclear Agents, but is now Summon guns exclusive. Hope for the gold gun.
Doubleshotgun.png Doubleshotgunsawnoff.png Double-Barrelled Shotgun Shotgunshells.png 12 Gauge shells 2 Shells 60 Brute with slugs
10 Brute + Knockdown with beanbag
Nothing with blank
Stuns target with stun
5 Toxin with dart
Easiest shotgun to get, yet the rarest. Only one starts on the station and the Bartender likes to keep it in case of bar fights. A sawn-off shotgun will fit in your backpack.
Ebow.png Energy Crossbow Powercell.png Energy 6 Bolts (recharges by itself) 10 Toxin + stun The syndicate's energy crossbow, small, silent and deadly. Cannot be used in recharging units. It's worth noting that the stun is shorter than the standard taser gun.
Energy Gun.gif Energy Gun Recharger.gif Energy 10 Lasers/Electrodes 20 Burn
Perhaps the second best energy-based gun. Best thing is to taze once then either handcuff (for arresting) or spam the other 9 shots at them on kill mode (for murder). Found in the armory, from energy weapon crates and from Summon guns.
Gyrogun.png Gyrojet Pistol Ammo 75.png .75 8 Rounds 74 Brute from direct hit
24 from a tile away
3x3 gib range on dead people
explosion (-1, 0, 2)
Delivers an explosion with every shot, plus you can afford to be less accurate with it, as the explosion hits 3x3, so it's great against groups. Sadly it is Summon guns exclusive.
Ionrifle.png Ion Rifle Recharger.gif Energy 10 Ion Pulses 20 Brute to silicon mobs
nothing to any others
3x3 EMP
Large and unwieldly, not really that great. Its greatest use is dicking around with the electrics around the station. Cyborgs are weak to it: flashing cyborgs totally immobilises them and it leaves you free to robust them to your heart's content. Found on the Nuclear Agent's shuttle.
L6machinegun.png L6 SAW A762.png .762 50 Rounds 60 Brute Holds the most ammo of any gun, 50 shots dealing 60 brute damage each, two good shots on someone and they're down. Shame it's nuke ops and summon guns only.
Laser Cannon.png Laser Cannon Recharger.gif Energy 10 Lasers 40 Burn Must be researched first. This is the Laser Gun's bigger brother, fear him, he will fuck you over.
Laser gun.png Laser Gun Recharger.gif Energy 10 Lasers 20 Burn Found in the armory, weapons crates and from summon guns. No real reason to use it over the energy gun as it is lethal ONLY.
Mateba.png Mateba Ammo 357.png .357 7 Rounds 60 Brute All in all the syndicate revolver, but for death squad officers. Also from Summon guns.
Revolver.png Revolver Ammo 357.png .357 7 Rounds 60 Brute Available to all Syndicate agents, or from Summon guns. Security (or generally anyone) will be quick to scream 'TRAITOR!' if they see you with one.
Detectivegun.png Revolver Ammo 38.png .38 6 Rounds 10 Brute + Knockdown Starts in the Detective's locker or from Summon guns. Knocks down targets, causing some minor damage. Can be modified to fire .357, but may break with the modification.
Rapidsyringegun.png Rapid Syringe Gun Syringe.png Syringes 4 Syringes Depends on contents of syringe See the syringe gun, but take into account it holds four syringes. Can be made through researching them, and only costs metal to make. This gun gives you the power to fuck over four people at once!
Retrolaser.png Retro Laser Recharger.gif Energy 10 Lasers 20 Burn Found on the white ship, this old beast is like the laser gun; anyone with a space suit and a little know-how can reach it.
SMG.png Submachine Gun Ammo 9mm.png 9mm 18 Shells 25 Brute An expensive gun to make, but one of the few actual guns used by Nanotrasen that aren't shotguns. Researched from R&D.
Shotgun.png Shotgun Shotgunshells.png 12 Gauge shells 4 Shells 60 Brute with slugs
10 Brute + Knockdown with beanbag
Nothing with blank
Stuns target with stun
5 Toxin with dart
A rare shotgun, also somewhat worse than the double barrelled, as it needs pumping every time and only holds 2 extra shells.
Stetchkin.png Stetchkin Pistol Ammo 9mm.png 10mm 8 rounds 25 Brute The nuke op's weapon of choice, unless they spend telecrystals on something better.
Sgun.png Syringe Gun Syringe.png Syringes 1 Syringe Depends on contents of syringe In fact, this is very robust. Think of it as a ranged hypospray. Two are found in Medbay.
Taser.png Taser Recharger.gif Energy 5 Electrodes Stun target Found in security and in weapon crates. If you're trying to kill someone, stun, then beat the living daylights out of them. Also found from summon guns.
Tempgun.png Temperature Gun Recharger.gif Energy 5 Freeze Beams Heats/Cools target dependant upon the setting. Another researched gun, if you can make this (more importantly, open that damn lockbox), chances are you can construct something better (read:laser cannon).
Xraygun.png X-Ray Gun Recharger.gif Energy 20 Lasers 15 Burn + 30 Irradiate This beams from this gun will pass through everything but a wall. While it does do less burn damage, the radiation it inflicts causes toxin damage and can make someone mutate. Great for shooting up crowded hallways.