Standard Operating Procedure

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Note: This page is merely a suggestion, much like the article concerning Space Law in general.


Alert Levels

Code Green - All Clear

Standard operating level. No immediate or clear threat to the station. All departments may carry out work as normal.

  • Weapons worn by security are to be hidden except when in the case of an emergency.
  • Crew members may freely walk in the hallways.
  • AI/Cyborgs have no need to bolt down any secure areas.
  • Security must respect the privacy of crew members and no unauthorized searches are allowed.
  • Suit sensors are not required to be on.

Code Blue - Confirmed Threat

Elevated alert level. There are reports or other proof available to indicate that there is a threat to the station.

  • Security may have weapons visible.
  • Crew members may be searched by security if deemed necessary.
  • AI/Cyborgs may bolt down high secure areas.
  • Suit sensors are mandatory, but coordinate positions are not required.
  • Energy guns, laser guns and riot gear are allowed to be given out to security personnel if the HoS or warden agree.

When a CentCom summary is received and printed at communication consoles the blue alert level is applied automatically.

Code Red - Immediate Threat

Maximum alert level. There is an immediate threat to the station or severe damage. Martial Law is in effect.

  • Security can raid departments and arrest any crew member deemed a threat to the station.
  • All crew members must remain in their departments.
  • Suit sensors are to be turned fully on at all times.
  • AI/Cyborgs may bolt down maintenance and airlocks leading to space.

Code Delta - Imminent Destruction

The station's self destruct mechanism has been engaged due to overwhelming threat to the station. Martial Law is in effect.

  • All orders from Heads of Staff and Security must be followed, any disobedience is punishable by death.
  • All crew members are to evacuate if possible.
  • Suit sensors are to be turned fully on at all times.

In Case of:


  • All personnel are to evacuate on the escape pods or the emergency shuttle, which Central Command sends.
  • All personnel are required to assist with evacuation. All crew must be evacuated, regardless of their consciousness.
  • Prisoners are to be brought to the secure area of the escape shuttle, except for prisoners who pose a severe threat.
  • Uncloned bodies are to be brought back to Central Command for processing.
  • AI units may be brought to Central Command on portable card devices (InteliCards) if structural failure is likely or AI units wish to leave.
  • Mechs and Cyborg units are to be hauled to the escape shuttle for Central Command to inspect.
  • Authorizing early shuttle launches is not allowed unless there is an immediate threat to shuttle integrity.

Fire and Other Environmental Hazards

  • Immediate evacuation of all untrained personnel.
  • Fire alarms to be used to control the hazard.
  • Atmospheric Technicians and Station Engineers are to remove the hazard.
  • Pump air back into the area when fixed.
  • Ensure the damage is repaired.

Viral Outbreak

  • If severe viral strain is on board the station, the Chief Medical Officer is required to quarantine infected parts of the station with the help of security.
  • All infected crew are to be isolated in Virology or Medbay.
  • Sterile masks/Internals and gloves are mandatory for medical personnel and recommended for crew.
  • Quarantine must be maintained until the outbreak is contained and resolved.

Meteor Storm

  • All crew to move to central parts of the station.
  • Damage is to be repaired by engineering personnel after the threat has passed.
  • Shuttle must be called if the station becomes unsalvageable.

Singularity Containment Failure

  • Observation and notification of Singularity movement.
  • Evacuation to be called if deemed a major threat to station integrity.
  • Use bombs or Bag of Holding to destroy singularity.
  • Demotion of Chief Engineer or Engineer and reparation of engine if no threat manifests.

Extraterrestrial Takeover

  • Prevent infection from spreading to Central Command.
  • Destroy all extraterrestrial sources on the station.
  • Round up all forms of extraterrestrial lifeforms and contain or terminate them, do not terminate if there is a chance of containment.
  • If extraterrestrial forces cannot be defeated, arm and detonate the Nuclear Fission Explosive to ensure their suppression.