Server Room

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Science Area
Server Room
Obvious exits: Research Division north
Purpose: For holding the station servers safe and cool
Access level:
Noteworthy contents: Vital Mainframes, Message Console
Clearance: Captain, Research Director, Scientists
"The cold server room."
Mapping notes
Security level: High
Style: Server storage
Balance Requirements: No major balance requirements
Other: --

This small room holds vital mainframes that stores all acquired data from the R&D lab. There is also a message console which logs the PDA messages that go through the server. This requires a decryption key which the RD can get from the table nearby. A traitor AI can also acquire this key by bruteforcing it, it will take 10 seconds for every character the decryption key has, so don't let a human catch you doing this. In turn you can keep the key secret by changing the key to something no one will figure out, meaning you will have the message logs all to yourself.

A new feature of the message console is the added ability to send admin messages, you can of course change the name of the sender to anyone you like. For example, you could impersonate the Captain and order energy guns for the Science department to "research". Be careful though, if the Quartermaster replies his message will go to the Captain.

Usually, only the RD can use this room. Do not enter the server room without insulation and internals. You will not be able to escape the air current and you will freeze/suffocate to death. The atmosphere is uninhabitable as it is kept at an extremely cool temperature to keep the servers running.

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