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Generic security.png SecurityOfficer.png
Security Officer
Access: Security, Brig, Holding Cells, Courtroom (Ask HoP for maintenance)
Difficulty: Very Hard
Supervisors: Head of Security
Duties: Protect company assets, enforce Space Law, follow the Standard Operating Procedure, eat donuts
Guides: Guide to security, Space Law, Standard Operating Procedure

You there. Pick up that can.

Welcome to Security. Chances are that you have been assigned this job because it was the only available position other than Assistant. Since you'd rather not end up a corpse, or doubt the prospects of reassignment, you've chosen the Few, the Red, and the Despised.

DO NOT play Security if you are new to Space Station 13. You will become a liability, making your coworker's jobs harder.


Know Your Place

Well, this page is designed to turn you from angry, bitter waste of supplies into a useful and productive member of the station community. A few things to immediately note:

  • This ship is not a democracy. You take orders from the Head of Security, who takes his orders from the Captain, who takes his orders from Central Command. This is a military Chain of Command.
  • The Warden has authority over the Brig and Prison Wing. You are required to follow his orders while you are there.
  • You are effectively the police. The corporations have agreed upon a set of laws that they are all beholden to. An example of these laws can be found in the library. Space Law is harsh. Obey the hierarchy and watch everyone with utter suspicion.
  • Your essential job function is to prevent the station from going to shit. You will inevitably fail at this task. Like a breeding salmon, keep swimming against the rapids, bears be damned.
  • Even though the station is doomed, do your best to keep peace on station and you're the best officer there can be.

The Peacekeeper

The Brig

You are the sole guardian between the ideals of justice and the wild psychotics that your company has chosen to advance its interests in space. Just because everyone else is insane, however, does not mean you are permitted to go hog-wild and beat them all unconscious to strap them to beds. Professionals have standards. There is a protocol to be followed.

Oftentimes, you will be informed over your radio that there is a problem in a certain area. If you are nearby, inform the rest of security over your headset using the private channel that you are on your way. (If you are not nearby, head to the security office and change the records to set the suspects to arrest. The robots will detain the suspects but someone will still have to fetch them. Return to your patrol.) Have your stun baton put away but easily accessed -- this will ensure that you are armed if things go sour but that you are not being threatening and there is no possibility of your weapon being easily stolen. If you notice a crime obviously taking place when you arrive on the scene, stun the suspects, handcuff them, and hold them so they can't escape. If the area is now safe begin questioning them. If the area is not safe, question them in the brig. If there is blood or fingerprint evidence, call the detective to the scene. Once the truth comes out, charge the perpetrators, thank the witnesses, and inform security over your private channel of the situation and charges. If you do not do so, other redshirts will release your prisoners thinking they've been unlawfully detained.

This is an ideal situation, however. Usually you'll just happen across crime. Follow the procedure as best as you can from there. Restrain and detain only as needed. Becoming stun happy is the first step to becoming shitcurity and encouraging the station denizens to attack all security they meet!

If things become violent or you are outmatched, immediately call for backup as efficiently as possible. "<Such and such> the <job title> is <crime committed> at <the location>" is hard to spit out while under attack. Try a shorter format, such as "CUBAN PETE MAINT SOUTH OF TOXINS HELP". There will be time for clarification when you are out of harm's way. The key to good security work is keeping the other security forces informed.

Still don't like your odds/No one answering? Open up your PDA beforehand, check out the Securitron list, and summon one. While you wait, put the suspect on arrest with your HUDGlasses. Your new metal backup officer will rush haphazardly in, stun, and cuff the target. Hopefully.


Each officer is given an assignment when they join the game. Most will be assigned to guard a department. Department guards are given a small security office along with limited access, and are able to use that department's radio channel. Department guards are also marked with colour-coded armbands. While they are not required to remain at their post, it is their responsibility to protect it.

Like general Security Officers, department guards report directly to the Head of Security. However, they should generally follow the wishes of the head of the department they are guarding. Guards may be dismissed from their post by the department head.

Armband med.png Medbay

Department Head: Chief Medical Officer
Additional Access: Medical
Radio Key: :m

Armband sci.png Research

Department Head: Research Director
Additional Access: Science
Radio Key: :n

Armband eng.png Engineering

Department Head: Chief Engineer
Additional Access: Construction Area, Engineering
Radio Key: :e

Armband cargo.png Supply

Department Head: Head of Personnel (but in practice, you will rather cooperate with Quartermaster)
Additional Access: Cargo Office, Mining
Radio Key: :u

Security Offices

The main security office

You can arrest people with Beepsky (or any securitron) here, but do not delete security records! If people ask nicely for your equipment just tell them to ask a head of staff instead. Passing out gear to civilians leads to dangerous situations at worst, arrests and misunderstandings at best.

The first step after you arrive is to find an unused security locker either in the main office or any of the security checkpoints around the station. If it has all been claimed, ask the Warden for additional resources.


Being well geared up can easily save the victim's and your own life. This is the way Nanotrasen guides their Security to gear up. You can however wear your gear as you like, just make sure you know the risks you are taking by not wearing the helmet or other armor.

  • Go to your respective locker, if you are signed to Engineering, your locker is inside the Engineering Security Post. If you are the last Security Officer to arrive and you're signed to none, your locker is located in the Security Office.
  • Open the locker and put on your Security HUD-glasses.
  • Take your ID and insert it into your PDA and put the PDA in your ID-slot. Now you have a free belt-slot.
  • Take the Stun Baton and place it on your belt.
  • Take the Taser, Pepperspray and a Flashbang and put them in your backpack/satchel.

First, you are already equipped with armor, a helmet, one pair of handcuffs in your backpack and one in your exo-slot, and your macintosh-apple red jumpsuit (oh what a pretty pretty tyrant).

Minimum Force Forward

All security equipment has advantages and disadvantages, you will need to learn your equipment's usefulness and how to apply it properly in the field. As such here is a quick and dirty overview of your basic tool you will be using in the field, read this page for more in-depth information.

Handcuffs.png Handcuffs - Always try to carry at least three on you at all times, these are used to restrain a suspect.

Flash.gif Flash - You spawn in with this weapon, when used in melee it will blind a Human who is not wearing sunglasses/RIG helmet. Typically cast aside for a superior Stun Baton, do note that a Flash is the only way to physically stun a Borg.

Pepperspray.png Pepperspray - Another situational item, identical to a Flash except considered somewhat better due to it spraying its contents intead of having to be in melee. Allowing a robust officer to catch someone off guard. Useless against anyone wearing a mask.

StunBaton.gif Stun Baton - Referred to as your "bread and butter", consider it more of a fallback weapon than anything else. It proves useful if you wish to show off, down someone who has ranged Stun protection or to keep a perp suppressed.

Taser.png Taser - The staple of any good Security Officers personal equipment, holds 5 taser charges. Use it to stun someone at range but try and conserve your ammo.

Flashbang.gif Flashbang - A underutilized but extremely powerful item, never leave the Brig without at least two. After activating it will detonate in 5 seconds, in this time either throw it at a group of perps or run next to them to take both of you down.

Energy Gun.gif Energy Gun - Typically only issued by the HoS/Warden during red alert situations, consider it to be an upgraded Taser but with 10 shots and the capability to switch to lethal laser rounds.

Laser gun.png Laser Gun - A rare weapon for a Sec Officer to use, identical to an Energy Gun except it is lethal only. Don't use this to subdue a suspect.

IMPORTANT: When you are done with your security locker, close it and lock it. Otherwise, expect a Clown to be walking around with stolen gear.


Any good Security Officer always has some of these around at all times. They are delightful little munchables that can be obtained in a few ways. You can find an immediate supply in the donut boxes around the station, and you can use your Hacking skills to extract them from the security vending machines. If there is a severe shortage of donuts, you can always get the Chef to make you more. There are four types of donuts.

Donut1.gif Plain Donut: Heals you, gives some nutrition.

Sprinkles.gif Frosted Donut: Like the plain donut, but heals more health.

Jdonut1.gif Jelly Donut: Holy Jesus! What is that? What the fuck is that? WHAT IS THAT, PRIVATE PYLE? Only obtainable through the chef. Heals more than the Frosted Donut, gives more nutrition.

Donut1.gif Chaos Donut: Only obtainable through the chef. Kills you, due to a great deal of entropy caused by eating it.

Recharger.gifRemember to Recharge!

Always have your tools recharged after an arrest. If your flash is burnt out, get a new one from the lockers or security vending machine and hand your old one to a roboticist. Then take your baton or taser, pop them in the charger station in your security office or the Head of Personnel's desk, and wait for the light to change. Having a charged stun baton is sometimes the difference between life and death.

When Things Go Tits-Up

You are most essential when chaos has broken out. When Joe Schmoe has decided to take the law into his own hands, it's usually with murderous and arbitrary intent. This cannot be allowed. If you are doing your job, it should never come to pass.

Red Uniforms Does Not Mean Communism

Sometimes syndicate forces will encourage the station crew to rebel against the heads of staff. This will not be a simple protest. It will be a riot culminating in multiple murders and a mutiny. Needless to say, you will be a target if you move to prevent this -- and you must move to prevent this.

When there has been proof established that a person has been brainwashed, detain them as normal and ask the heads of staff what you should do. Usually they'll want you to attempt to deprogram them. First, try using a flash. If they do not seem to visibly change their mindset and attitude, remembering their allegiance as it were, request a loyalty implant from the Warden or Head of Security. Barring that, apply your deactivated stun baton repeatedly to their forehead in a forceful manner. If death should occur without change, bring the body to the roboticists. Do not do so alone and without your sunglasses, as they too may already be turned! Keep security informed of any dangerous happenings.

Invaders, Possibly From Space

There may be days when syndicate forces invade the station directly with the intent to use a nuclear device to destroy it entirely. Anyone who isn't crew is to be violently and sufficiently repelled. Detain them when able, confiscate everything, and eliminate when all other options are exhausted. Communication is most important right now. Ensure that the captain, or whoever bears the disc, is guarded at all times. If things go completely out of control, do what you must to get the shuttle called and the disc onto it. Trust no one if you can't see their face. It is not unreasonable to ask them to remove any masks and stun them to remove it yourself if they refuse.

Of Bed-knobs And Broomsticks

When the Wizard Federation has sent a representative, it is not in peace. You are facing no mere mortal. A wizard is a highly trained killing machine of unknown potential. Your stun baton will be useless. Find a gun. You must keep your wits about you and your bravery steadfast! Stun the wizard, beat him unconscious, remove the clothing that gives him power, and don't stop hitting until his brain has exited his skull. The only good wizard is a dead wizard.

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Security: Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective

Engineering: Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician

Science: Research Director, Scientist, Roboticist

Medical: Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Chemist, Geneticist, Virologist

Civilian: Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner, Janitor, Bartender, Chef, Botanist, Assistant, Clown, Mime, Chaplain, Librarian, Lawyer

Non-human: AI, Cyborg, Personal AI, Construct, Ghost

Antagonist: Traitor, Changeling, Nuclear Agent, Wizard, Xenomorph, Space Ninja

Special: Death Squad Officer, Ian