Prison Wing

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Security Area
Prison Wing
Obvious exits: Brig south
Purpose: Stores the scum of the station
Access level:
Noteworthy contents: A library computer, an electropack, few lethal injection syringes, a straight-jacket, a muzzle and a soap
Clearance: Captain, Head of Security, Warden, Security Officer
"Life in prison without parole is a shitload worse than death. Death is parole. Death is mercy."
Mapping notes
Security level: High
Style: Prison
Balance Requirements: --
Other: --

If you've fucked up big time this is where Security will put you. This "luxurious suite" is a shared living space among all those sentenced to life imprisonment. Includes a washroom, a laundry room, a book printer and some vending machines. All red doors here require Holding Cells access to open, thus excluding the Detective, Lawyers and non-security Heads of Staff.

Each cell is equipped with a wall-mounted flasher, and blast doors that can be used during prisoner transfers, or as a way to isolate trouble inmates.

There is a lethal injection locker to the lower-right. This locker requires the Captain to unlock it before its contents can be used.


Generally, escape from the permabrig is impossible without outside help, however if you are planning on being brigged, a prepared traitor can escape. A uplink implant can be smuggled unseen after injection and will give you exactly enough crystals to buy a space suit and a piece of c4 for destroying the wall should you be captured, however that will be the totality of your crystals, so you will need to accomplished your mission without other items.

If you didn't plan ahead, but a foolish warden left your with some items, you can smash the window open, use a shard of glass to break the electrified grille, and in your pockets and hands you can carry some sodas. Run out of the window and head right, if you move fast and know the exact route you are going, you can run around the ship, past solars, and make it back to the Escape airlocks and get on the station before you die.

The final way to escape is to lure a guard inside, use the bar of soap to slip the security guard, take his stun baton and stun him, then strip and kill him, and use his ID to escape. Remember to take his radio off first or you will get dog-piled by his backup.

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