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Aside from humans, there are many other forms of sentient life in the vast emptiness of space.

Treat them with caution, as not all may be as they seem.


  • Alien.png Xenomorphs - The scourge of spessmens everywhere, they generally kill or capture unlucky humans and monkeys on sight. You are expected to do the same.
  • Baby slime.gif Slimes - They feed off of the nervous systems of other sentient beings, absorbing their electricity for nourishment. Gooey.
  • Wraith.png Constructs - Loyal minions to the Cult of Nar-Sie, they serve their unholy masters to cause death and destruction.
  • Statue.png Statues - ???


  • Generic borg.png Cyborgs - The latest, and greatest invention of Robotics experts at Nanotrasen, they are normally loyal to the AI. Who the AI is loyal to, however...
  • Golem.png Golems - Relatively unknown, they are thought to be creations of ancient, more amiable Space Wizards.
  • Monkey.png Monkeys - Sapajus robustus, the crested capuchin monkey. Nanotrasen usually ships a large number of these cute and sometimes annoying creatures to the station, so they can be used in horrific medical experiments, virus testing, and other purposes. Research in matter compaction and rearrangement have resulted in the Monkey Cube, a molded, powdery cube that when exposed to water, results in a monkey. Sometimes known to use tools laying about.
  • Skeleton.png Skeletons - OH GOD OH FUCK
  • Slimeperson.png Slime Beings - Experimentation with Slime genes by insane innovative Nanotransen science teams has produced Slimepeople. Research is ongoing as to what sorts of effects slimification has on the victim subject's brain. Caution: Standard-issue NTOS AI software has no data on these creatures yet. Modification by a licensed Roboticist or Research Director may be necessary.


  • Janitor.png Lizardmen - Recently hired by Nanotrasen after the Lessen Equality Act of 2550, these cold-blooded employees have been assigned to various low-ranking jobs on the station, such as janitorial work or botany. However, the other companies have been heard of recruiting them as well.
  • Adgolem.png Adamantine Golem - Hulking Tanks constructed in Xenobiology's Labs. Powerful and completely devoted to its creator, and usually found in the company of scientists or Command Personnel.
  • Podman.png Podmen - Born from Replica Plants. Legend tells that they are extremely vulnerable to fire, starve in darkness and regenerate in light.