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Before any change to a map, it is good to use the Map Merger tools. What these do is cut down the number of lines which Dream Maker thinks have changed, since it usually interprets any change to the map as a rewrite of all ~8000 lines.

The Map Merger tools presently only work for windows as they utilize .bat files.

If you have difficulty using these tools, ask for help in #nanobus

Using the tools

1. Install Java If you don't have Java already installed it can be downloaded from: [1]
2. PATH Java To test if Java is in your PATH, open Git Bash and type "Java". If it says "unknown command" you will need to add JAVA/bin to your PATH. See here for how: [2]
3. Backup It's not strictly necessary to, but usually a good idea to make a backup of your map at this point.
4. Prepare map Run prepare_Map.bat in the tools/mapmerge/ directory.
5. Edit your map Make your changes to the map here. Remember to save them!
6. Clean map Run clean_Map.bat in the tools/mapmerge/ directory. Don't worry if it says there are ~8000 differences, just ignore that for now.
7. Check differences Use your application of choice to look at the differences between revisions of your code. If it's reading ~8000 line differences then you've done something wrong, go back and try again.
8. Commit Your map is now ready to be committed, rejoice.

Editing different maps

The Map Merger tools are configured for the main map, presently tgstation 2.1.2, and will not work if you're trying to edit a different map. To fix this, open both prepare_map.bat and clean_map.bat and change "set MAPFILE=tgstation.2.1.2.dmm" to the map which you're trying to edit. For instance, if you want to use the Map Merger tools for a map called "MyFirstMap.2", you would change it to "set MAPFILE=MyFirstMap.2".

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