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Removed STAFF
Mail Sorter
Access: Disposals Mail "office", Maintenance
Difficulty: Assistant
Supervisors: Not defined
Duties: Sort through the crap that comes out of disposals, ride through the disposals loop in a locker, mail the Clown to Security.
Guides: no external guides

  • Note: Right now, this job has been merged with Cargo Technician and you cannot select it.

You are the station's delivery service and space hobo wrapped into one neat little package! The Mail Sorter is a relaxing job as nobody really cares about whether you're doing your job or not.


The Post Office

Your workplace is the Mailroom, which is located south of the Arrivals Shuttle. You and your colleague are provided with two Hand Labellers, 6 crates, and shitload of wrapping paper. Rule #1 of being a Mail Sorter is to NEVER PUT WRAPPING PAPER IN YOUR BAG, as this will make the bag glitch horribly.

Spess Hobo

Your job is basically to sift through the shit that comes out of disposals. Disposals works like this - when a disposal unit is flushed, its contents get sent to the Mailroom's main conveyor belt, located on the east side of the room. The shit will then get sent back into the pipes, round what is known as the mailing route. If the item hasn't been wrapped and set with a destination by the Mail Sorters, it will return to the Mailroom, but this time pop out at the disposal conveyor - this is located on the south side of the room, through a maintenance airlock. Provided someone is manning the disposal conveyor (never) the garbage will come to rest on a mass driver and get shot into space. You have free claim to anything that appears out of Disposals, but most people don't bother to flush the disposal units so don't get your hopes up. Disposal units do flush themselves now, so get ready for some ion rifles to get sent your way (broken light bulbs and lots of pens).

Postman Pat

The other main duty of the Mail Sorter is mailing shit. This is quite easy to do:

1. Find something that you want to mail. 2. If you have multiple items you wish to mail to one place, put them in one of your crates. If it's a person, you must use a locker. 3. Grab a piece of wrapping paper and click the item/locker/crate. 4. Click your Hand Labeller with the hand it's being held in to set a destination. 5. Click the parcel to tag it with the destination. 6. Drag the parcel to the main conveyor and let it loose.

The parcel will go into the mailing route, but instead of being ejected into the disposals conveyor, it will be vomited out by a disposals unit in the destination it was set to. Remember, though, that if a person is inside, he can't get out unless someone opens the parcel! After all the bullshit they received when the Mail Sorters were first implemented, Security and especially the HoS almost never open parcels, so keep this in mind if someone asks to be mailed there.

Hate Mail

Surprisingly, Mail Sorter traitors get it quite good. Use the mailing route to your advantage - wrap up bombs and send them round the station! This can be unreliable, but as long as people don't manage to equate you with the bombings it can end up being a lot of fun.

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