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Security Area
[[File:|center|link=]] Labor Camp General
Obvious exits: The labor camp shuttle.
Purpose: Not defined
Access level: Security
Noteworthy contents: Mining equipment, living facilities.
Clearance: Head of Security, Warden, Security Officer
"A fully operational Labor Camp designed to send unloyal crew members to, for working off their criminal debt to Nanotrasen."
Mapping notes
Security level: High
Style: Outpost
Balance Requirements: --
Other: --

The Labor Camp is designed to make use of unloyal prisoners by bargaining for their freedom through hard labor. Crew members caught committing Major Crimes can be sent here by a member of security.

Prisoner Processing

Prisoner Processing is the office reception room before you get onto the Labor Camp shuttle. Here you can give your prisoners a prisoner ID, which is very important because it allows them to keep track of their labor work. Before you give them the ID, you must put the ID into the Prisoner Management Console and set their target; refer to space law to see the recommended guidelines on how much labor to assign them. After that is done you can escort them onto the red half of the shuttle.

You can also watch the prisoners from the labor camp monitor computer.

Labor Camp Shuttle

The labor camp shuttle has two rooms, red and blue, the red area is an area prisoners are allowed access to and can drop off their smelted minerals into the stacking machine. They can then use the request console machine to claim points for the minerals inside the stacking machine. Once a prisoner has gained enough points, they are allowed to use their ID to move the shuttle and open the door connecting to the blue area. The blue area is public access, to allow prisoners to return to the station after they have paid their debt to society.

Labor Camp

Here the camp is embedded into a pocket of air, allowing prisoners to mine without the need for a space suit. There is a Securitron patrolling the area and there is a lockdown button and a Portable Flash; this is useful if you have unruly prisoners refusing to work. Prisoners are given a Sleeper, toilets and mining equipment. This includes a dangerous completely harmless pickaxe, so refer to the Flashers and Securitron on how to deal with unruly prisoners. If a prisoner continues to be unruly, and refuse to work, upgrading him to the Prison Wing is a recommended step to take. There is a security office near the public entrance of the shuttle that will allow you to monitor the prisoners.

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