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Upkeep Area
Obvious exits: East to maintenance
Purpose: To incinerate... garbage maybe? No idea
Access level:
Noteworthy contents: Plasma and oxygen giant tanks, fuel tank and an oxygen canister
Clearance: Anyone with maintenance access
Mapping notes
Security level: Low
Style: Incinerator
Balance Requirements: No major balance requirements
Other: --

Hidden away behind the telecommunications room, the incinerator is a room accessible only by maintenance access-ways. Because it's off the beaten path, has no security camera and a disposals chute, it is a great body dumping (and burning) location for Changelings and Traitors. You can also make superheated gas in the incinerator, as it is functionally equivalent to the ignition chamber in toxins lab. It has a airlock control system that allows for one door to be open at a time. You can open the internal door to view the incinerator.

Careful when you're flushing anything down the disposals here: It leads straight out into space.

Using the Incinerator

Operation of the incinerator is relatively simple.

  • 0) Insert waste material into the incinerator.
  • 1) Turn on the pumps from the plasma and oxygen tanks.
  • 2) Open the manual valve into the incinerator.
  • 3) Wait for the incinerator to fill with gas.
  • 4) Press the ignition button on the wall outside the airlock.
  • 5) Vent the superheated air out of the incinerator when you're done, or open the external doors.

Note: Cranking the plasma tank to full pressure for more than a minute will result in the incinerator exploding and a loss of power. Second note: Don't stand near the vents out in space while the superheated air is being vented. The air takes a moment to dissipate, and if the hot air gets in your space suit, it could be fatal.

Legitimate uses

The incinerator has a few useful functions, primarily for the storage/destruction of dangerous objects and creatures. For instance, the nuclear authentication disk cannot be burned, so placing it inside of a lit incinerator is a good way of keeping it out of syndicate hands if it needs to be stored somewhere. The amount of time it takes to cool will give the crew ample opportunity to fight off any syndicate agents who are trying to get in. It is also one of the only places that changelings can safely be stored without risk of escape. Should the changeling get uppity, you can light it on fire and instantly kill it every time it tries to regenerate. This may be the only way of permanently disabling a changeling if the crematorium and gibber are both destroyed.

Use in bomb construction

For whatever reason, the incinerator has an output for charging gas canisters and air pumps. This makes it a fantastic place to create bombs as all of the other components with the exception of tank transfer valves can be easily sourced. How you are going to get those tank transfer valves in the first place is a mystery, but a crafty atmos tech or engineer can get the AI to let them in without too much fuss.

You can treat the incinerator in much the same way as the toxins ignition chamber, except that you don't have to premix the plasma and oxygen in a canister, you can simply set the plasma tank to output twice the pressure of the oxygen tank for a 2:1 plasma:oxygen mix in the incinerator. You will, however, need to pump the breathable air out of the incinerator that is there to begin with as it will otherwise dampen the reaction and make the resulting bomb less effective.

If you do end up making a bomb, be sure to dispose of the air pump through the airlock and let all that terribly hot, superheated gas back in to burn all the room to a crisp (and discourage people snooping).

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