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Every worker of Space Station 13 is issued an identification card. Your ID has your name, occupation, and a device that broadcasts your access to the station's autonomous systems, which is used both to identify the holder and open up airlocks the worker has access to. For example, the Quartermaster has access to the Cargo Bay and Quartermaster's Office, while Assistants, for example, do not. ID cards can have their access modified by the Captain or Head of Personnel. When your face is covered your ID is the only way of identifying you.

Types of ID cards

Id regular.png Standard ID - Standard identification card issued to the general staff.

Id silver.png Command ID - Special silver identification card issued to the Heads of Staff. These ID's allow access to the Bridge and have the ability to call/recall the Escape Shuttle, as well as having access specific to each head.

Id gold.png Captain's ID - The Captain's gold-coloured all-access ID card. A spare starts in the Captain's Quarters. Desired by all.

Id centcom.png Centcom ID - Identification card issued only to Centcom officials, including Death squad officers.

Id orange.png Prisoner ID - Identification card issued to prisoners, so they can be identified on the crew monitoring console and keep track of labor points. Has no access.