Head of Personnel's Office

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Command Area
HopOffice small.png
Head of Personnel's Office
Obvious exits: Hallway south, Meeting room north
Purpose: To house the Head of Personnel, his pet corgi Ian, and his ID console
Access level: Head of Personnel
Noteworthy contents: ID Console, Security Records Console, and Supply Ordering Console
Clearance: Captain, Head of Personnel
"The office of the station's ID slave."
Mapping notes
Security level: High
Style: Bureaucrat office
Balance Requirements:

Located in the command sector in the center of the station across the hall from Cargo Bay, this is where the Head of Personnel often lurks when he isn't fighting crime. The Head of Personnel and Ian both spawn here. To the north is a Conference Room, which is perfect for high-clearance conversations. Requires HoP Private access to enter.


This is the chair where the Head of Personnel will be sitting in most of the time. It faces outward towards the Central Primary Hallway where the general crew can approach and speak with the HoP beg for extra access. The ID Computer inside is the embodiment of the HoP's job, allowing him to manage jobs and ID cards. Nearby is a Security Records console, so the HoP can check people's criminal records before giving them more access, and a PDA painter, so the HoP can sate new hires' OCD.

By popular demand (or common sense), the Head of Personnel now has two sets of privacy shutters. One set controls shutters on both ends of the waiting line, keeping people out (or in, you evil person). The second set are heavy duty blast shutters that close all of the HoP's office off from public view. There is also a button to control a flasher at the entrance to the waiting line, so you can subdue the clown that is breaking in because you refused to give him all access.

This office is considered to be a restricted area, as just about anyone would love to smash their way in to kidnap Ian or give themselves all-access because the HoP left his ID in the computer. Make sure you close the desk window and take your ID out of the computer if you intend to leave your office unattended (or leave a blank ID in to be a dick).

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