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For the Guide to Genetics, click here.

Medical & Science Area
Obvious exits: West to the Medbay, east to Research Division
Purpose: Cloning the dead and researching for superhuman abilities
Access level:
Noteworthy contents: Cloning: DNA Scanner, Cloning Console, Cloning Pod. Research: 2 DNA Scanners, 2 DNA Scanner Access Consoles and a monkey pen
Clearance: Captain, Chief Medical Officer, Research Director, Geneticists
"The place where you hope to end up when you're dead."
Mapping notes
Security level: Medium
Style: Laboratory
Balance Requirements:
Other: --

Genetics (marked with blue floor stripes) is split into two sections. The CMO controls the Cloning room, while the RD has control over the Research room. The RD is also given a back door that he can use to get in from Research Division.

This is where most of the action is. It's also one of the easiest to find - just follow the trail of blood. Containing the station's only Cloning Machine and two DNA Modifiers, it's the last resort in medical care. Geneticists work here. There's also a batch of monkeys for genetic experimentation. It also has a locker for 'patient' storage, a few spare pieces of clothing and a copy of Cloning techniques of the 26th Century for the clueless sods who paid their way through their medical degree. There are also boxes of prescription glasses but it's trivial to fix poor vision properly anyway and avoid using up the eye slot.

It's one of the most active areas in the Medbay. And, due to their need for their victim to stay dead, it's often a focus of traitors and harmful AIs. Even on a good day the machines suck power like nobody's business and won't last long without external power.

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