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What is SS13

Space Station 13 is a 2D multiplayer game, made on the BYOND engine. At a glance it looks like crap, but give it a few rounds and you'll realize just how frustratingly fun it can be.

I'm new, where do I learn how to play?

Check the New Players and Starter guide pages.

What does this word mean?

Check the Terminology, you might find it there. Otherwise ask here.

I read all the tutorials but don't know how to...

If it's something job specific you should check the Jobs page, if it's something about game modes (Traitor, Wizard, Cult), see the Game modes page, otherwise do a search on the wiki.

If you're smart and have already done all of those before coming here, then just adminhelp (press F1 or just type 'adminhelp' and your message) it in-game. Simply click the on adminhelp where the verbs are listed or type it into the text box in the bottom, click it and write the question in there. Try to be polite, it doesn't hurt anyone. You can also ask on IRC.

I grabbed someone, how do I drop them?

Hit the drop button. same as dropping an item.

How do I remove the backpack, utility belt, etc?

You click on it and drag it to your empty hand.

I'm being attacked by another player. What do?

You are either the victim of a traitor/some other round related character, you've really pissed the person off, or you're being griefed for no reason. If you're not sure about why you're being attacked. Adminhelp (press F1 or just type 'adminhelp' and your message) it. To reply to the administrator that responds, click the underlined portion of the message, and enter your response. Action will be taken on the matter, and the admins will look into the situation.

How do I take an item from someone or give one to them?

Stand next to them, click and drag their character onto yours and then click on one of their items to take it off or, if you have an item in your active hand, click on the slot where you wish to put the item.

How do I commit suicide?

Type 'suicide' and hit enter. Remember that you cannot be cloned if you suicide! Suicide is considered an action which says that you don't want to play this round. As such it is an OOC action.

How do I eat something?

Hold some food in your active hand and click on yourself.

How do I buckle/unbuckle on a chair?

Click and drag your character onto the chair. To unbuckle, click on the chair you are buckled to with an empty hand.

Why can't I play as some jobs?

New players are forbidden from taking jobs with are vital to normal round progression until they've been on the server for long enough. This is to avoid an inexperienced player choosing to be the Captain or AI and messing up the round for everyone.

I got chosen as a traitor, cultist, wizard, etc. and I know I'm not ready! HELP!

None of these require your immediate attention. Take it slowly, open the wiki, skim through the article about your assignment and proceed to do it as best as you can. If you need additional help, ask an admin for advice through adminhelp (press F1 or just type 'adminhelp' and your message).

Where can I go to get map files to host a server?

See here Downloading the source code or click the 'Host a server' link on the left.

I have another question, where do I ask?

You can adminhelp it (press F1 or just type 'adminhelp' and your message) in-game, or use the OOC-command in-game to talk to players, or ask on the forums, or ask in the IRC. You can also ask in the discussion-part of this page. Don't worry about the formatting and stuff. Just click edit and write your question there.