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For the Guide to Engineering, click here.

Engineering Area
Obvious exits: Hallway north, maintenance west, singularity south, space south-east
Purpose: Powers the station, holds equipment to repair inevitable damage to the station
Access level: Engineering for main area, Power Equipment for the Particle Accelerator and Power Storage areas, CE Private for his office
Noteworthy contents: Two common hardsuits, power control modules, oxygen and plasma tank dispenser, a terminal for checking the station's APCs, a P.A.C.K.M.A.N.-type portable generator and three station's main SMES cells
Clearance: Captain, Chief Engineer, Engineer, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Engineering Security Officer
"Welcome to Engineering: the fortress at the aft (south) end of the station where the Chief Engineer and his goons make sure the singularity gets loose and consumes the entire station. In the rare case that this is NOT what you want to happen, read this guide."
Mapping notes
Security level: Medium
Style: Engineering
Balance Requirements:
Other: --



This page consists of the parts Engineering-wing is made up of. The Engineering Department also consists of the next facilities which are not located in the Engineering-wing:

The other facilities are located inside the Engineering-division:

Particle Accelerator

Powers the Singularity by shooting accelerated particles at it. The PA can be a very dangerous device, since it can quickly cause the singularity to get out of control and escape the containment if left unsupervised. The PA and the collectors can be sealed off with blast doors using the nearby controls.

Power Storage Room

This room houses both of Engineering's two common hardsuits, a few batteries, door and power control modules, Engineering's oxygen and plasma tank dispenser, a crate which contains extra solar panels and a solar tracking beacon, a terminal for checking the station's APCs, a P.A.C.K.M.A.N.-type portable generator, O2 canister, and three of the station's SMES cells. It is a prime target for antagonists seeking to black out the station.

Engineering Secure Storage

The only button to open the shutters to this room are in the CE's office. It contains spare materials, backup parts for the singularity engine (more can be ordered at cargo), and a large plasma canister. Some people will try to break in here to steal the emitters to open locked crates.


Department Lobby and Break Area

The shared area between Engineering and Atmospherics. Used by both as a common access hall and a break room. While not too exciting, it at least contains a few snacks and some distractions. Engineering Security Post is housed here.

Escape Pod

In case of an evacuation, the engineering pod is usually the safest one to take over the others, assuming the singularity doesn't threaten you.

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