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Recreational Area
Obvious exits: South to Central Primary Hallway, north to two maintenances, south to maintenance
Purpose: For napping and longer sleeps
Access level: Public
Noteworthy contents: A boxing ring, showers, a Personal AI, violin, balaclava, boxing gear and laser tag gear
Clearance: Everyone
"This is where the braindead people go to have a long nap."
Mapping notes
Security level: Low
Style: Dorms
Balance Requirements:
Other: --

Located by near the Bridge and between the Courtroom and Library, the dormitory exists as a place where the general staff can go for some R&R. Includes luxury cabins, a laundry room, a fitness center, a holodeck and toilets.



This is a great place to camp at if you're AFK. Get Backpacks and headsets in the dorm locker. Play some laser tag and annoy security. Or, as I just said, Camp! The cabins can all be bolted shut with a button on the wall.

Personal AI

The main reason to come to this room. The easiest to obtain Personal AI device is in here. Once one of the ghosts haunting the shuttle enable themselves to be selected for PAIs, you can make a friend in here.

Fitness Room

There is a small list of things you can actually do in Fitness, like have a huge boxing tournament that will probably end after the first round with the victor being thrown in jail and the loser being cloned. You can always go in there if you're a traitor and spawn some items; that would almost always work because the AI almost never checks Fitness. (key words in there "Almost")

Shower Room

This room is for washing up after a hard day of exercise. There are four shower heads and a rubber ducky. The shower heads are set to a nice, warm temperature, but can be adjusted with a wrench. Adjusting once will make the water deathly cold, and adjusting twice will make the water scalding hot. Remaining too long under either setting will result in death. A third adjustment retuns it to normal temperature.

Escaping from harm

If you're being gunned down by a Traitor, then run here and hide in a dorm. You can hit the button on the wall to bolt yourself inside.

Toilet Hidey Hole

If you are a Traitor. Then you can use the Toilet as a stash. Use a crowbar on the Toilet to open the cistern and you can carefully place small objects inside, simply use the crowbar to close it and you've stashed it there. See if the security can find your crossbow now.

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