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Supply Area
Delivery Office.png
Delivery Office
Obvious exits: Cargo Office west, Cargo Foyer south
Purpose: Trash sorting and mail delivery.
Access level: Delivery Office
Noteworthy contents: Two destination taggers, eight multiple-use package wrappers, two rolls of fancy wrapping paper
Clearance: Captain, Head of Personnel, Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Head of Security?
"Where anything stuck in a disposal comes out. Including fugitives."
Mapping notes
Security level: Low
Style: Trash outlet/post office
Balance Requirements: No major balance requirements
Other: --


Waste Management

Most of the waste disposals around the station will send their contents to the outlet in the back of the Delivery Office. Use the conveyor to drag it out and sift through the mess for that rare valuable mistake. Send on the actual trash to Waste Disposal with the top conveyor.

Postman Pat

Pick up that package wrapper and use it on your item. Check the Destination tagger's controls to set the destination, and then tag your new parcel. Toss it onto the top conveyor and it will arrive in seconds! Don't worry about the mail desk or the corridor conveyor belt, nobody will ever use them.

You can wrap up some items as gifts, but you'll need wirecutters to cut the paper. Have them in your other hand and click with the object you want to wrap. You can turn the gift into a package and mail it but why not deliver it for the personal touch?


Expect a steady stream of dead people dumped into disposal. Most killers don't expect anyone to be working in here, and they are usually right. Make sure you are wearing gloves if in the room, and call the Detective when you find one.

Hate Mail

Is someone drawing your ire? How about mailing them the corpse of a crew member (preferably a co-worker or friend). Simply wrap the corpse up with wrapping paper and follow the same steps you'd use to mail anything.

If you manage to get a hold of a bomb, you can use the delivery system here to zip over your explosive package to anywhere on station with a disposal outlet. Just make sure you time your detonation right, so you don't miss your target or have the bomb disarmed.

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