Custodial Closet

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Upkeep Area
Custodial Closet
Obvious exits: North to the Central Primary Hallway, south to maintenance
Purpose: Safely store the Janitor's cleaning equipment and other possessions
Access level: Custodial Closet
Noteworthy contents: Galoshes, cleaner grenades, space cleaner, black gloves
Clearance: Captain, Head of Personnel, Janitor
"It's the janitor's closet. What more do you need to know?"
Mapping notes
Security level: Low
Style: Closet
Balance Requirements: No major balance requirements
Other: --

Who works here?

The closet is located close the center of the station, near AI Upload. The Janitor spawns here in his purple getup. He starts with a closet with his galoshes, a light replacer, a garbage bag, and a change of clothes, while the other closet contains his biosuit. His galoshes are gold and may get him beaten up so some Security Officer can steal them. His office starts with his mopbucket, a bucket to fill the mopbucket with, a mop, two boxes of lights, space cleaner, a box of mousetraps, and two bear traps. He has his own watertank to fill up his bucket. On the desk are several cleaner grenades which spreads foam that will clean and make everyone slip in a wide radius, making these grenades sought after by the Clown. Finally, he has a cart to carry his things, all of which can be stored on it except for the grenades.


  1. Don't wet clean floors.
  2. Use your yellow signs if you are cleaning with water
  3. Don't clean with water, make space cleaner
  4. Make sure you're careful around Security.

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