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Security Area
The Brig
Obvious exits: Hallway south, Courtroom east, Security Office north
Purpose: Holds prisoners
Access level: Security
Noteworthy contents: Criminal scum
Clearance: Head of Security, Warden, Security Officer, Lawyer, Detective, and also all Heads of Staff
"This is where regular offenders are put. It is the front face of the security sector at the fore (north) end of the station. Most doors in the brig require Brig access, however you will need Holding Cell access to use the timers.

Just to the north of the control room is the Armory. To the northwest is the Prison Wing, and to the northeast is the Security Office. To the south is the Fore Primary Hallway. The door on the far right leads to the Courtroom."

Mapping notes
Security level: Medium (Lawyers and Heads of Staff are allowed to come and go)
Style: Jail
Balance Requirements: --
Other: --


Warden's Office

This is the the control room of the brig. It has a central location in the security sector, allowing the Warden to supervise the brig, prison wing, armory and security office from his desk. Inside has lockdown buttons for the brig and the prison wing, and an assortment of security computers, including the Prisoner Management system (which works with chemical and tracking implants). The office has a desk facing the office for the Warden to distribute weapons to officers with.

Timed Cells

The southern cells have timed locks on them, and it is the Warden's job to set the timers. If the timer is not set, then the prison door will remain open. If you're smart and not shitcurity you follow Space Law when setting timers so that the Janitor doesn't receive a ten minute sentence for not placing wet floor signs. If you are dealing with a very dangerous person such as a traitor, changeling, or repeated offender of a violent crime, they should instead be "permabrigged"- placed in the Prison Wing or solitary confinement, which are both located to the northwest.

Most of the time, cells only have 1 person residing within them (when mass arrests are made the criminals are usually buckled to the chairs in the security lounge), and anyone within is rarely let out of it until their jail time is up. If you are a confirmed traitor or the clown, do not expect to stay here long before some chucklefuck decides to bash your skull in with his stun baton, help himself to your belongings, and leave your body for the space-crows.

Interrogation Room

This dimly-lit room can be used to squeeze out as much information you can out of suspects. It also makes a great place to hold a private discussion. There is a conveniently placed recorder located on the table that can be used as evidence in court cases, if need be. This room is a favorite of the detective's.

Evidence Lockers

Store the confiscated belongings of prisoners such as IDs and backpacks here. If some of the possessions are particularly dangerous, such as a syndicate-uplink; store them in the Armory's contraband locker where only the Warden, Head of Security, Captain, and unscrupulous burglars will be able to access them. Security access is needed to enter this room.

Gas Storage

In maintenance just outside the brig is a small N2O storage closet that can be used to quell riots. It requires Armory access to use.

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