Assembly Line

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Removed Area
Assembly Line
Obvious exits: East to Aft Primary Hallway, North to Maintenance
Purpose: To grow dusty.
Access level: Construction Areas
Noteworthy contents: Toolbelt, welding goggles, toolbox, operating table
Clearance: Captain, Chief Engineer, Station Engineer
"The remnants of robotics, before it was merged with science."
Mapping notes
Security level: Not defined
Style: Derelict factory
Balance Requirements: No major balance requirements
Other: --

The area above Engineering used to be Robotics, but since robotics has moved to the Research Devision, the assembly line has been boarded up, and stripped of most of its equipment.

The doors are bolted shut, but you might still find squatters or creepers inside. It may be dark and secluded, but remember that the cameras are still functional.