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Note: This page is moderated and can be referenced in ooc issues, such as ban appeals, complaints, reports, etc. This may not apply to the pages this page links to.

Below here is a list of admin decisions which are related to wiki content.


IED-, Security-, WGW- and Naming-Policies (2013-11-06)

Posted by Niknakflak on the Minor News and Announcements -thread.

Some Policy that has been around for awhile but much confusion has followed recently is as follows:


Regarding Improvised Explosive Devices, the policy is clear cut and simple. Using IEDs on players or to break into an area such as the brig or the Head of Personnel's office for no reason is strictly classified as griefing and will be punished with a standard dayban or more considering a player's history or the extremeness of the situation. In short, if your going to use an IED, have a damn good reason to do so.


Some recent insight on security matters to clear up some confusion. Security officers have stun equipment for a reason, and are expected to use them. Security personnel are not supposed to beat their prisoners. One or two hits of a baton or a fist, is ok, but a downright beating is not ok. Concerning contraband, if a person is found with it, they should be put in a timed brig cell for said contraband, not executed or perma'd. If it is dangerous weaponry or other items, its a different story, but soap...or balloons, should not be met with death. Security officers are held to a higher standard than assistants. Long story short, your a security officer, your expected to act like one, not a weapon maniacal freak who brigs anyone and everyone.


The ever hated "Woody's got Wood" policy as it stands now is as follows: It is not a bannable offense however it makes the reader an instant valid. If said reader is in an area, un-reachable by the crew, expect the reader to be "relocated" into a more convenient location for lynching. However, if it goes overboard such as spamming or in OOC or Adminpms, expect a muting or a 24hr ban as of a rule 1 violation. Also note, that if you use reading "Woody's got Wood" to make yourself valid, and then you fight back, that is known as killbaiting and is a bannable offense. In Summary, you are allowed to read the book, but expect a lynching as you are now fully valid. Just Don't take it overboard.


The last policy for now is on naming. Generally almost any name is allowed but there is a limit. Stupid names such as "Change Ling" or "Getdat Fucken Disk" are allowed but when they cross the line into things like "Adolf Hitler" or "Shit Nigger Faggot" as names, you may suddenly become valid for a full crew lynching. Just use judgement when it comes to names, its pretty obvious when you have a name that crosses the line.

These are updated and are the current policies.

If you have comments, post in the discussion thread.

Changes to Space law process (2012-02-06)

As approved by head server administration and wiki administration on 6 February 2012, the standard method for the changing of Space law is the following:

A player requesting a change to Space law is supposed to make a proposed changes poll on the forum which:

  • Clearly describes the changes that need to be made in a non-abstract way. (So not "sentences should be longer" but "The sentence for CRIME should be X MINUTES")
  • The poll must run for at least 7 days
  • The poll must contain exactly 1 option in favor of change
  • The poll must contain exactly 1 option against the change
  • The poll must contain an abstain option
  • The poll's percentage calculation is calculated from the formula: Votes_for/Votes_against. Abstain votes are not counted in percentage calculations.
  • The poll must achieve a 66% support percentage to pass.
  • Wiki (head) and server (head) administration has the right to veto a change to space law but have to explain why the change is vetoed.

Circumstances when it's okay to kill players (2011-08-07)

Just to clarify, this is not intended to be a complete list of circumstances, just commonly experienced ones.

  • Monkey: Can generally be killed without a problem if you can think up some IC reason for doing so.
  • Traitor: Can be killed so long as you've seen them do something traitory, unless you're security. You can kill them as security if they're too strong for you or you don't have an alternative. Be careful with this tho.
  • Syndicate/Wizard/Changeling: Can be killed on sight
  • People in antagonist outfits/with antagonist items: Can be killed if you don't have the time or can't risk identifying them.
  • Hulk: Can be killed if they're causing damage.
  • Xenos: Can generally be killed without a thought, unless they are already contained. Them being stunned does not mean they're captured/contained.
  • Borgs/AI: Can be killed if they are traitors, malfunctioning or have been e-magged, otherwise it is not acceptable to destroy them or kill them.
  • Friendly antagonist: See "People in antagonist outfits/with antagonist items"
  • Librarian can be killed if they read porn over the radio (ffs, this really needs a mention?)

Head of personnel and Security (2011-03-05)

It was decided on 5.3.2011 in admin irc that the following statement in the HoP article, which was the cause for some disputes was not necessary and told HoP's to do something which they are not entitled to do, nor allowed to. Decision made to clear up a dispute between two editors.

The removed (and incorrect) content was:

 Keep Sec in its place. Remember, you have Security and Brig access, so you can let people out of the Brig if you don't believe they are guilty. 
 Don't give Sec Officers any additional access unless absolutely necessary, and for God's sake, don't give them Maintenance.

--Errorage 16:30, 5 March 2011 (UTC)

Head of personnel compared to other heads (2011-03-02)

It was unanimously agreed upon in admin IRC on Wednesday 2 March 2011 that the Head of Personnel is to be considered equal to all other heads of staff. He is however the first in line to be granted the role of an acting captain, should the actual captain be incapacitated or if one doesn't exist. The HoP is however not in any authority over any other heads of staff. The Head of Security is not required to follow the HoP's security related orders, nor is the Research Director or any others. Hopefully this will clear up the confusion which revolves around his position. --Errorage 20:34, 2 March 2011 (UTC)

Changes to the backstory (2011-02-03)

The backstory is intended to be a guide to all coders and developers. It's intention is to provide a narrative backstory to which all elements of the station, new and old, are to be tied to. Changes of the backstory, even slight ones, should be discussed and decided by the community in threads on the main forum. Any changes done to the backstory without going through that process should be reverted.

This was written as a summary of a conversation by the admins on IRC on 3.2.2011:

XSI - I think we need a thread on backstory on the forum before making anything official