AI Chamber

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Command Area
AI Chamber
Obvious exits: Central Primary Hallway South
Purpose: Houses the AI and its controls
Access level: AI Upload
Noteworthy contents: AI, Upload consoles, law modules
Clearance: Captain, Head of Personnel, Research Director
"A well protected room for the AI. AI Law changes are also made here."
Mapping notes
Security level: Maximum
Style: --
Balance Requirements: --
Other: --

AI Chamber

Located in the very centre of the station within the Command Sector. This contains the AI's physical core, along with a selection of wall mounted radios to allow it to communicate with the station. The chamber is designed to support up to three functional AIs. Additional AIs will spawn in the slots at the sides.

It also contains an array of defensive technology. There are four turrets controlled from a central switch, wall mounted flashes, and two liquid dispensers which knock over anyone who steps in the liquid produced.

The room can be accessed from AI Upload. The window-doors and turret controls inside require AI upload access.

AI Upload

You make modifications to the AI laws here, using the law upload boards. You can also upload laws to independent Cyborgs from the Cyborg Upload Computer. The Core and High-Risk circuit boards are kept in a more secure location behind glass doors that only those with Captain's Quarters access can open.

It is cramped inside, and filled with energy gun turrets. The turrets and airlocks require AI upload access to control. If you do not disable the energy turrets before entering, you will be either shot with stun, or laser bolts (dependent on the current settings). Also present is a wall mounted flasher, which the AI can activate to disable intruders.

This chamber is one of the most secure areas on station. Breaking into or trespassing in here is justification for permanent incarceration. Both AIs and security are advised to keep a close eye on this room.

The small foyer to the west contains the turret controls.

To the north is a bolted door which grants access to the AI Core.

When resetting a corrupted AI, remember to disable the cameras that can see the turret control panel.

When dealing with a rogue or malfunctioning AI, this chamber is useless to halt the AI's actions (as it only has to follow its law zero).

By default, AI Upload is only accessible by the HoP, RD and Captain.

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