Emergency Medical Frigate.Mk5 7471

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Outside Area
White Ship.png
Emergency Medical Frigate.Mk5 7471
Obvious exits: Teleporter, north, south, east, west
Purpose: Not defined
Access level: None
Noteworthy contents: ?
Clearance: Anyone willing to explore space
"(read below)"
Mapping notes
Security level: None
Style: NanoTrasen Emergency Medical Frigate Mk5
Balance Requirements: No major balance requirements
Other: Please Read Below:

It is an abandoned Medical Frigate. NanoTrasen received reports of a virus spreading through some of it's stations. At the time, the standard NT stations and only a very small Medical Bay; with no hope of combating the virus outbreak. Because of this, NT sent a Medical Frigate to each of the stations. These ships were an Emergency Medical Frigate Mk5. Each of the ships were equipped with the means to combat the virus and treat the ill and sick. These ships had 4 Advanced Medical Doctors and 1 Chief Medical Officer. Medical Hardsuits and other E.V.A. equipment were on-board. These ships boasted advanced computers capable of scanning an entire station for illness, and who had it. 1 sleeper was also present on the ships. These ships were fast and more than capable of remaining in space for a while.

The particular ship that is located near SpaceStation13 was the EMF.Mk2 7471. It was inbound for another station 3 light years away. However, the crew contracted an unknown disease while in transit that killed them all. Their skeletons still remain inside. The ship lost its power and remains where it is now. The ship is completely intact, and in very good condition. Most of the original supplies remain on-board. If the computers on-board were to be fixed (which is possible), it is potential that the ship can be used again and flown to SS13. Good luck if you do. However, no air is present on-board so bring some big oxygen canisters with you.

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