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This page will be listing the changes that are merged into the code. Keep in mind that some of them (newest ones) may not be in the game yet. Newest changes are added at the top.


NTStation changelog


Wrench-screwdriver.png Space law and other manuals now work properly by Errorage PR #447

When to add items, when to remove items

  • It is the job of the person who opens the pull request to add it to the change log. Do this as soon as you open a pull request and put it under the current date (meaning the date when you opened the pull request)
  • If a pull request is merged, no further actions need to be taken by anyone.
  • If a pull request is closed, the coder who closed it is responsible for the removal of the entry from the changelog.

How to use the changelog

Pleas note that there are two templates available: TGPR and NTPR. The former links to https://github.com/tgstation/-tg-station pull requets, the latter to https://github.com/NTStation/NTstation13 pull requests. The format and usage of both is the same tho.

  • To edit the changelog, you must be in the 'developers' group on the wiki. Contact errorage or Petethegoat to get added to the developer group. There are no real requirements to be added, it's just to prevent spam or joke edits. Because both of us will probably forget where the place to add you is, copy and paste the following paragraph into your private message. THANKS!! <3: (make sure to include your wiki username)
 To add me, go to http://www.ss13.eu/wiki/index.php/Special:UserRights
 enter my username, tick 'developer' and hit 'Save user groups'.
  • Once you are in the group, you will be able to edit the changelog directly. You should be able to fairly easily understand the format, but here's an explanation anyway: (example + code)


 === 02.04.2014 ===
 * {{TGPR|add|Added mime backpack|Firecage|3247}}
 * {{TGPR|add|Added security flashlight|Giacom|3224}}
 * {{TGPR|fix|Explosions made more effective against singularity|Cheridan|3267}}
 * {{TGPR|fix|You can no longer eat and drink while eating masks and helmets|Donkie|3230}}
 * {{TGPR|fix|[[Boxstation]] updated to v2.1.3|Giacom|3272}}
 * {{TGPR|fix|New faithless sprite|Jordie0608|3255}}
 * {{TGPR|bug|Fixed a bug where powersink was spamming messages to admin logs|MrStonedOne|3250}}
 * {{TGPR|bug|Fixed a bug where hacking fire axe cabinet didn't stop if you moved away|phil235|3266}}
 * {{TGPR|bug|Fixed dermal patch missing from HoS locker|Aranclanos|3274}}

So the ===date=== bit creates the header, the * (asterisk) creates the dot at the start the {{TGPR|....}} bit creates each line. Let's look at the TGPR template.

The following code:

 {{TGPR|add|Added mime backpack|Firecage|3247}}

creates this:

Tick-circle.png Added mime backpack by Firecage PR #3247

So the format is:

 {{TGPR|type|description|coder|pull request number}}

The 'type' part can be either "bug" Bug-minus.png, "add" Tick-circle.png, "fix" Wrench-screwdriver.png, "spell" Spell-check.png. If you put something else in, it will result in the "unknown" image: Unknown.png.

The 'description' part is just a brief description of what was done.

The 'coder' part is an optional field, which says who the coder is. The template automatically links to the coder's github profile, so it's important their name is correctly spelled. It might be a good idea to write the coders in the description if there are multiple contributors.

The 'pull request number' part is an optional field, where you write the pull request number. The template will then link directly to the pull request.