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Makeshift weapons are offensive weaponry or equipment that can be made with relatively common and low tech items. However they are significantly less effective than more modern and effective Security items. However these weapons can prove to be very useful in a pinch and can surprise even the most hardy of people.



Cablecuffs.png Cablecuffs

Cable cuffs are makeshift handcuffs. They are easier to break out of but still function as normal handcuffs. You need at least 15 coils.

15 x Cable coil
 Right click the Cable Coil and select "Make Cable Restraints".
 Alternatively, you can hold some cable and click 'Make Cable Restraints' in the object tab.

Spear.png Spear

The spear is a makeshift melee weapon which, in essence, really isn't that great.

1 x Rods, 15 x Cable coil, 1x Glass shard
 Make Cable Restraints from the Cable Coil.
 Use the Rods on the Cable Restraints.
 Use the Glass Shard on the Wired Rod.

Stunprod.png Stunprod

The Stunprod is a makeshift Stun Baton which consumes much more battery life and stuns for less when used, it will keep a target down for about five seconds which is enough time to slap some cuffs on. Expect to get thrown in the brig if caught with this weapon by Security. It is possible to recharge a Stunprod after depleting its power supply, simply use a Screwdriver on the prod to remove the Power Cell and either replace it with a fresh cell or put the dead cell in a Cell Charger.

While the Stunprod is great for selfdefence it deal poor damage to targets, best usage of the Stunprod is to subdue your target or use it to get distance between yourself and the target.

1 x Rods, 1 x Wirecutters, 15 x Cable coil, 1x Power cell
 Make Cable Restraints from the Cable Coil.
 Use the Rods on the Cable Restraints
 Use the Wirecutters on the Rods
 Use the Power Cell on the assembled rod.

IED.png Improvised Explosive Device (IED)

The IED is an explosive made out of a soda can. It is weak but it can gib dead bodies and do lots of damage if used correctly, from blowing open windows to breaking power wires. It has a random timer between 3 and 8 seconds, so use it wisely!

1 x soda can, 1 x 1 igniter, FuelTank.png, 1 x Cable coil
Use the Igniter on the can.
Use the assembly on a Fuel Tank.
Use the Cable Coil on the assembly.

Flamethrower.png Flamethrower

It creates a stream of flame that superheats the air and causes those caught in the flame to catch on fire. It has a range of about three tiles and is most effective against alien weeds and space vines; while very effective against the aforementioned two infestations, the flamer is at best a suppression weapon against human targets and at worst a suicide attack to yourself. You are better off using a Stun Prod or a Toolbox to do direct damage, however the flamethrower is great for area denial, AoE attacks, and damage done over time (both from catching on fire and the hot state that it leaves the surrounding air in). When using a flamethrower either wear a Firesuit to protect you against the high heat or move back as soon as you fire the weapon.

May simply cause masses of plasma to be spewed everywhere if the pressure settings are too high.

1 x Rods, Screwdriver, 1 x Welder, 1 x Igniter, 1 x Plasma Tank
 Screwdriver the Welder
 Add rods to the Welder to create the Flamethrower
 Screwdriver the Igniter
 Add the Igniter to the Flamethrower
 Screwdriver to finish
 Load a Plasma Tank

You can also get one from a hacked Autolathe, minus the plasma tank.

It should also be noted that the fuel inside the plasma tank determines the properties of the shot flame. Mixes of plasma and other gases can create different results when using the flamethrower, namely in temperature.