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Here is a chart with the types of plants you can grow, in case you forgot.

Name Type Seed Potting Product Contains Mutates into Available from
Ambrosia Deus Normal Ambrosiadeusseed.png Ambrosiadeusplant.png Ambrosiadeus.png The elite's choice. Contains Space Drugs, Bicaridine, Synaptizine and Hyperzine. /
  • Mutate Ambrosia Vulgaris
Ambrosia Vulgaris Regular Ambrosiavulgarisseed.png Ambrosiavulgarisplant.png Ambrosiavulgaris.png Contains Space Drugs, Bicaridine, Kelotane and toxins. (Space weed) Ambrosia Deus
Apple Regular Appleseed.png Appletree.png Apple.png A piece of Eden. Gold Apple
Banana Regular Bananaseed.png Bananatree.png Banana.png Once eaten, gives a slippery peel. /
Berry Regular Berryseed.png BerryTree.png Berry.png Can be mashed into jam. Poison Berry, Glow Berry
Blood Tomato Regular Bloodtomatoseed.png Bloodtomatoplant.png Bloodtomato.png They are so red... and indeed have Blood in them. /
  • Mutate Tomato
Blue Space Tomato Regular Bluespacetomatoseed.png Bluespacetomatoplant.png Bluespacetomato.png Occasionally teleports thrower/target to a random location. Experts baffled. /
  • Mutate Blue Tomato
Blue Tomato Regular Bluetomatoseed.png Bluetomatoplant.png Bluetomato.png Slippery... Blue Space Tomato
  • Mutate Tomato
Cabbage Regular Cabbageseed.png Cabbageplant.png Cabbage.png Ewwww... /
Carrot Regular Carrotseed.png Carrotplant.png Carrot.png Good for your eyes! /
Cash Tree Regular Cashseed.png Cashtree.png Spacecash.png It prints money! /
  • Mutate Lemon
Cherry Regular Cherryseed.png Cherrytree.png Cherry.png For pies and jelly. They can't be used as earrings ; a shame. /
Chili Regular Chiliseed.png ChiliTree.png Chili.png Very Spicy! Ice Pepper, Chillighost
Chillighost Regular Chillighostseed.png Chillighosttree.png Chillyghost.png said to be the hottest chili in the galaxy. /
  • Mutate Chili
Cocoa Pod Regular Cocoapodseed.png Cocoapodtree.png Cocoapod.png Give it to the chef to fill station with happiness. /
Coffee Arabica Regular Coffeearabicaseed.png CoffeearabicaTree.png Coffeearabica.png Dry them out to make coffee. Coffee Robusta
Coffee Robusta Regular Coffeerobustaseed.png CoffeerobustaTree.png Coffeerobusta.png Dry them out to make coffee. /
  • Mutate Coffee Arabica
Corn Regular Cornseed.png CornPlant.png Corn.png Use a hatchet on a bare cob to make a pipe for that sweet Ambrosia! May have more nefarious applications as well... /
Death Berries Regular Deathberryseed.png Deathberrytree.png Deathberrypile.png EXTREMELY poisonous berries. /
  • Mutate Berries
Death Nettle Weed Deathnettleseed.png Deathnettleplant.png Deathnettle.png A red nettle that knocks people down with massive damage. Highly illegal Contains Polytrinic acid /
  • Mutate Nettle
Eggplant Regular Eggplantseed.png Eggplantplant.png Eggplant.png Not too special. Eggy
Eggy Regular Eggyseed.png Eggyplant.png Begg.png At least, eggs which don't come covered in chicken shit. /
  • Mutate Eggplant
Gatfruit Regular Gatfruitseed.png Gatfruittree.png Gatfruit.png A mysterious plant rumored to grow .357 revolvers. /
Glow Berries Regular Glowberryseed.png Glowberrytree.png Glowberrypile.png Berries that glows in the dark. Might not be wise to consume, they grow radium. /
  • Mutate Berry
Gold Apple Regular Goldappleseed.png Goldappletree.png Goldapple.png Divine, and probably edible. A steady source of gold. /
  • Mutate Apple
Grapes Regular Grapesseed.png Grapeplant.png Grapes.png Very grapy Green Grapes
Grass Regular Grassseed.png Growngrass.png Grass.png Instrumental in turning the station into your own groovy love jungle. /
Green Grapes Regular Greengrapesseed.png Greengrapeplant.png Greengrapes.png These grapes can cure burns! WOOO! /
  • Mutate Grapes
Harebell Weed Harebellseed.png Harebellplant.png Harebell.png So useless only your bio generator will be happy to get some. /
Ice Pepper Regular Icepepperseed.png Icepepperplant.png Icepepper.png Instead of being hot, those mutated Chilis are cold (?). Chef can use them. /
  • Mutate Chili
Killer Tomato Regular Killertomatoseed.png Killertomatoplant.png Killertomato.png Not very deadly though. Use it on itself and you too can have a pet like one of the Heads! /
  • Mutate Tomato
Koibeans Regular Koibeanseed.png Koibeans.png Contains carpotoxin! /
  • Mutate Soibeans
Kudzu Weed Kudzuseed.png Kudzuplant.png Kudzu.png It grows and never stops. The goat can eat it more quickly than it spreads. /
Lemon Regular Lemonseed.png Lemontree.png Lemon.png Ugh... sour... Give these to the Bartender. Cash Tree
Lime Regular Limeseed.png Limetree.png Lime.png A very sour fruit. Another fruit used in cocktails. /
Moonflower Regular Moonflowerseed.png Moonflowerplant.png Moonflower.png Contains naturally-produced moonshine! /
Nettle Weed Nettleseed.png Nettleplant.png Nettle.png Take with botanical gloves, whip intruders. Contains Sulfuric acid Death Nettle
Novaflower Regular Novaflowerseed.png Novaflowerplant.png Novaflower.png A burning flower, to be handled with gloves. Contains capsaicin. /
Orange Regular Orangeseed.png Orangetree.png Orange.png Sweet and sour! /
Poison Berries Regular Poisonberryseed.png Poisonberrytree.png Poisonberries.png Very poisonous berries. Death Berries
Poppy Regular Poppyseed.png Poppyplant.png Poppy.png Looks relaxing. Contains Bicaridine. /
Potato Regular Potatoseed.png Potatoplant.png Potato.png Caroline. /
Pumpkin Regular Pumpkinseed.png Pumpkinplant.png Pumpkin.png Carve this into a scary face or a hat! /
Replica Pod Regular Replicapodseed.png Replicapodplant.png Nature's own way to defy God. Check the Pod People section to learn more. /
Soybeans Regular Soybeanseeds.png Soybeansplant.png Soybeans.png Vegetarian delights! Koibeans
Space Tobacco Regular Spacetobaccoseed.png SpacetobaccoTree.png Spacetobacco.png Dry them out first. Contains Dexalin, who knew smoking could improve your lungs? /
  • Mutate Tobacco
Starthistle Weed Weedsplant.png You can't harvest from this you disgrace to space-gaia. Only plant worth eradicating anytime. /
Sugarcane Regular Sugarcaneseed.png Sugarcaneplant.png Sugarcane.png Come and get the sugar from the cane! /
Sunflower Regular Sunflowerseed.png Sunflowerplant.png Sunflower.png It's like being home again. /
Tea Aspera Regular Teaasperaseed.png TeaasperaTree.png Teaaspera.png These aromatic tips of the tea plant can be dried to make tea. Tea Astra
Tea Astra Regular Teaastraseed.png TeaastraTree.png Teaastra.png These aromatic tips of the tea plant can be dried to make tea. /
  • Mutate Tea Aspera
Tobacco Regular Tobaccoseed.png TobaccoTree.png Tobacco.png Dry them out to make some smokes. Space Tobacco
Tomato Regular Tomatoseeds.png Tomatoplant.png Tomato.png Staple in making ketchup and expressing yourself to the clown. Blue Tomato, Blood Tomato, Killer Tomato
Watermelon Regular Watermelonseed.png Watermelonplant.png Watermelon.png Filled with watery goodness and regular boring biomass. /
Wheat Regular Wheatseeds.png Wheatplant.png Wheat.png Grind into flour! /
Whitebeet Regular Whitebeetseed.png Whitebeetplant.png Whitebeet.png Unbeetable /
Amanita Mushroom Amanitaseeds.png Amanitaplant.png Amanita.png Contains amatoxin and psilocybin Destroying Angel
Chanterelle Mushroom Chanterelleseed.png Chanterelleplant.png Chanterelle.png Not as tasty as Plump Helmets. /
Destroying Angel Mushroom Angleseeds.png Angleplant.png Angle.png Kills you dead, with poison. /
  • Mutate Amanita
Glowshroom Mushroom Glowshroomseed.png Glowshroomplant.png Glowshroom.png Shroomy glowberries. Contains radium. /
Liberty Cap Mushroom Libertycapseed.png Libertycapplant.png Libertycap.png Full of psilocybin! /
Plump Helmet Mushroom Plumphelmetseed.png Plumphelmetplant.png Plumphelmet.png Tasty! Walking Mushroom
Reishi Mushroom Reishiseeds.png Reishiplant.png Reishi.png A mushroom with muscle-relaxing toxins. /
Towercap Mushroom Towercapseed.png Towercapplant.png Towercap.png Cut trunks with the hatchet to make wooden planks. /
Walking Mushroom Mushroom Walkingmushroomseed.png Walkingmushroomplant.png Walkingmushroom.png This is just creepy adorable. Breed more than one and set up illegal mushroom fighting rings! /
  • Mutate Plump Helmet