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This page will be listing the changes that are merged into the code. Keep in mind that some of them (newest ones) may not be in the game yet. Newest changes are added at the top.






  • Wrench-screwdriver.png Advanced diseases cache generated id for optimization by GithubGiacomAvatar.png Giacom PR #3238





  • Tick-circle.png More magic items added for wizard by Incoming5643 PR #3028
  • Tick-circle.png Ported over Bay's SQDL2 by GithubGiacomAvatar.png Giacom PR #3165
  • Tick-circle.png New hairs added: a side pony tail, longer over the eye hair, a braid along with a front braid, a bun, an ahoge, pig tails, and a over used anime protag hair style by Nienhaus PR #3180
  • Wrench-screwdriver.png You will fall over in zero gravity, again, but you won't make a noise by GithubGiacomAvatar.png Giacom PR #3161
  • Bug-minus.png Fixed a bug where crematorium and morgue weren't working properly by GithubMrPersonAvatar.png MrPerson PR #3173
  • Bug-minus.png Fixed some blob-related qdel() issues by GithubMrPersonAvatar.png MrPerson PR #3169
  • Bug-minus.png Made most mobs del() instead of trying to garbage collect them by GithubMrPersonAvatar.png MrPerson PR #3181
  • Bug-minus.png Fixed a bug where chocolate bar had more sugar and coco in it than was required to made it, allowing infinite duplication by phil235 PR #3140
  • Bug-minus.png Fixed a bug where mime's wall stopped all sounds; fixed a bug where making a wall was impossible when muzzled by Perakp PR #3135
  • Bug-minus.png Fixed a bug where manifested ghosts couldn't be stunned by Perakp PR #3138
  • Spell-check.png Fixed cure description for Pierrot's Throat by phil235 PR #3187


  • Tick-circle.png The blob can now switch its core location with a node, which will shift both of their locations by GithubGiacomAvatar.png Giacom PR #3175
  • Wrench-screwdriver.png Security lockers reorganized by Ikarrus PR #3111
    • Moved spare HoS uniforms and backpacks into a separate wardrobe closet. This is mostly to reduce the content size of the HoS locker, making it easier to manage.
    • Removes HoS's second sechailer.
    • Moved Captain's formals down in the stack order so it doesn't get in the way of the items that are used more often. Alt uniforms should be stored on the bottom of the pile.
    • Removed stealth addition giving the Captain the super-robust dermal armor
  • Wrench-screwdriver.png Changed how emags work on doors by Ikarrus PR #3096
    • Using an emag on a door will: try to open the door; cut power for 60 seconds; drop bolts; cut bolt lights; effectively make the door unusable for at least a minute
    • Doors that have been emagged: can only be opened and closed with a crowbar or axe if the power is off and the bolts are up; can be hacked as normal, but the Open wire will not work; cannot be interfaced by silicons at all; no longer prevent players from using tools (Can we unwelded, wires cut, etc); can be deconstructed and replaced
    • Misc: Also made it so you can bump open doors even if the panel is open. So people can't go around opening all the panels and making the doors really annoying to open.
  • Bug-minus.png removes the crlf bits from .gitattributes by Mloc PR #3179


  • Tick-circle.png Cyborg module added to $job variable for telecomms; makes it show up for AI by VistaPOWA PR #3118
  • Wrench-screwdriver.png Hair sprites updated by Ikarrus PR #3073
  • Wrench-screwdriver.png Being animated as a statue will only last as long as stone to flesh, releasing the player later; fixed a bug where those statues attacked everyone if player ghosted by Incoming5643 PR #2959
  • Wrench-screwdriver.png Proper crlf forcing by Mloc PR #3163
  • Wrench-screwdriver.png RD gets access to Tech Storage by Steelpoint PR #3126
  • Wrench-screwdriver.png Minorly changed some sprites by Firecage PR #3106
  • Bug-minus.png Fixed a bug where glasses of watermelon, lemon, potato juices, holy water, and hot coco weren't showing correctly by phil235 PR #3122
  • Bug-minus.png Fixed a bug where medical cyborgs were invisible by IsdatAfamas PR #3166



  • Tick-circle.png Added garbage collecting system by GithubMrPersonAvatar.png MrPerson PR #2937
  • Tick-circle.png Happy St Patrick's Day! by Cheridan
    • Adds corned beef and cabbage
      • 5 salt, beef, 2 cabbage
    • Adds green beer
      • 10 beer, 1 green crayon powder.
  • Wrench-screwdriver.png Medbay is now blue by TZK13
  • Wrench-screwdriver.png Gravity generator added to ministation by GithubGiacomAvatar.png Giacom
  • Wrench-screwdriver.png Metastation updated to v39H.II by Metacide
  • Wrench-screwdriver.png Security backpack sprite modified by Jordie0608
  • Bug-minus.png Fixed a bug where the "Bad Ass" icon (traitors who completed their objectives without telecrystals) was 16x16 instead of 32x32 by ChuckTheSheep PR #3121
  • Bug-minus.png Fixed a bug where tubes won't connect properly; fixed a bug where cryo would freeze ejected people; fixed cryo's sprite by Razharas
  • Bug-minus.png Fixed a bug where atmospherics chamber consoles stopped working after deconstruction: use multitool to choose a tank by Razharas



  • Wrench-screwdriver.png Allows roundstart borgs to choose their name, if config option is set by Ikarrus
  • Bug-minus.png Fixed a bug where AI had to be dead AND disconnected for the purposes of automatic shuttle call by Aranclanos
  • Bug-minus.png Fixed a bug where SMES could be interfaced with while unconscious by GithubMrPersonAvatar.png MrPerson
  • Bug-minus.png Fixed a bug where wirecutters, multitools and metal rods were lacking attack sounds by Jordie0608



  • Wrench-screwdriver.png Emergency override system changed by Ikarrus
    • When emergency access is declared, door becomes available to everyone
    • Door gets blinking orange lights
    • AI can toggle emergency access on individual doors
    • Humans can disable emergency access by pulsing ID wire
  • Bug-minus.png Fixed a bug where it was impossible to change type of RD console by Limeliz
  • Spell-check.png Various text errors in autolathe and protolathe fixed by Limeliz
  • Spell-check.png Fixed a typo in R&D computer by Limeliz


  • Ian can now wear HoP's cap by Ikarrus
  • The admin functions and comms console options to switch the level of access of the maint doors will now work properly and not runtime by Aranclanos
  • Tabling will not runtime if the target runs away from the grab anymore by Aranclanos
  • Vaultspawners (those things never used that an admin might once in a blue moon) will now use the ChangeTurf() proc and won't make Linda cry by Aranclanos
  • Fixed a bug where players were deaf when inside anything by ChuckTheSheep
  • Added a feedback message for when a player opens or closes the maint panel of an airlock by Aranclanos
  • Human overlays (brute/burn damage) will show themselves again by Aranclanos
  • Genetic diseases now give you back your old DNA when cured; virus food + disease reaction now also uses 1 unit of food by Giacom
  • Changes changeling abilities from verbs to proc_holder objects, similar to how spells are; functionality should be unchanged; ddmins can varedit chemical costs of individual abilities by Perakp


  • Added a special config file with ckeys of players that are able to make profiles on servers that they are admins.


No new merges