Cargo Technician Strategy Guide

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This guide will help you be a better Cargo Technician, or Quartermaster.

When the round begins, head to auxiliary tool storage (above the delivery room, below the gateway) and get the metal rods, metal sheets and glass sheets. Return to cargo, and load as much metal and glass as will fit into the autolathe. If someone has already taken the metal and glass, order metal and glass with the supply ordering console.

Order a mechanical maintenance and electrical maintenance crate. Ask over supply if anyone wants to order anything else before sending the shuttle.

While waiting for the shuttle to arrive, open the warehouse and drag the crates onto the conveyor belt at the bottom of cargo. Each crate you send is worth supply points, which are used to pay for crates. Get the stamp from the table above the supply ordering console, or the Quartermaster's stamp from their office, and leave it between the external airlocks where the shuttle docks.

When the shuttle arrives, activate the conveyor with the lever beside it. Consolidate the contents of the crates you ordered into one crate, leaving the manifests on the floor. Put what you ordered into one of the ID locked cargo technician lockers (unlock them by clicking on them with your ID in your hand), to prevent trespassers being able to help themselves to it.

Load the crates from the conveyor belt onto the shuttle, then take the stamp you left outside and use it to stamp the manifests from the crates you ordered. Stamped manifests are worth supply points, and they must be located inside a crate to count (see Even the clown's stamp will work. One paper per crate, the system will not count multiple stamped manifests in the same crate.

Make sure no one else has any crates they want to load onto the shuttle by asking through Supply, then send back the shuttle.

Keep in mind that your job is to order supplies for people, so if you're called to your desk, make sure to answer. An infrared emitter/remote signaller assembly paired with a signaller in your pocket (all three devices can be made with the autolathe) can create a great door bell when the beam is pointed across the entrance to the cargo lobby.